I am Goddess Isis.

There is a message I would like to deliver to you through this channeler.


You can go to heaven if only your heart is as pure as a baby.

I think you have heard of this.


As it says, you are not permitted to enter heaven unless you are pure and innocent as a child.


In other words, you can only connect with God and celestial beings with the pure child in you.


Now what does it mean to be a pure child?


What does it mean to live with a pure heart?


What does it mean to live with kindness, mercy and affection, to always care for others and express love through action?


You are pure,

A divine being,

A special existence.


Even if you had ego, even if you were conquered by that ego in times, even if you had thoughts of or expressed anger, hatred and other negative things, your real nature is the innocent Children of God itself.


The pure God that you are, cannot be dishonored whatsoever, and when you live as the pure Children of God, you are blessed from both Heaven and Universe.


Then you will connect to and receive love from God,

And because you live the pure you, you will be able to exercise your extraordinary power.


Moreover, by manifesting your pure power, you will be able to connect with Heaven and Universe.


Are you living like that?


When you are depressed, angry, negative, be in anxiety or fear, aren’t you not the pure you?


Are you not pure when you are feeling your simple anger or frustration?

What is the pure you?


Anger and dissatisfaction, complaint, negative ideas.

If you grumble, hurt others with negative words, do something uncomfortable to others, all because it is your honest feeling, would you say you are pure because you are being true to yourself?


Anxiety, fear, grumbling, anger

You do not have to deny this.


Even if it is negativity, anger, anxiety or fear, you are pure when you are feeling it, it is not something you shouldn’t feel.


Rather more, if you take it as negative, bad, unforgivable feelings and deny yourself, or deny the anger, fear, and negativity you felt, that is worse.


The anger, dissatisfaction, stress or negativity will not disappear by denying.


On the other hand, accepting it, accepting what you felt, accepting that you were dissatisfied


Accepting how much you fear, accepting what you are jealous about,

It is very important to not deny but plainly accept what you felt and what you thought.


Otherwise, if you deny them, it will not go away,

It is just concealed and will always stay there, it will become a bigger energy and make you suffer

Controversially it will be given greater power.


Anxiety, fear, anger, discontent, hatred

Those feelings which is usually taken as negative and bad, there is no one person who have never felt them.


Everyone is experiencing life to undergo these diverse kinds of feelings.


Now what does it mean to be pure?


The first thing I would like to tell you, is to accept and acknowledge the feelings inside you as it is.


I am saying, regardless of it being positive or negative.

You have various experiences in everyday life.


Communicating and engaging with people with different characteristic, in times you feel joy, and in times you feel negativity.


All of those are wonderful experiences.

That is exactly life.


You become happy, fulfilled, impressed, energized, and motivated, and other times, depressed, frustrated, be in sorrow and pain

All of that is life. It means you are living.


Your feelings and sensations, whatever that may be I want you to accept it as it is.

In a sense, that is one of your purity.


Feel as you wish to feel.

Accept what you felt.


No matter the reaction you have, no matter the feeling and sensation you experience,

No matter what goes through your mind,

I ask you to accept it as it is.


But of course, you are also experiencing those feelings and sensations in order to discover yourself.


For instance, fear and anxiety.

The true and divine self that you are, does not have fear nor anxiety.

There is no need to have them.


However, by coming down on this ground as human being, you started to have those experiences.


Anger and fury

Those feelings are born when things go off from what you hope, or how you think it should be.


In other words, you are anticipating.

When things does not go the way you wish, when it does not equal your anticipation, anger is born.


Thus, you are able to understand through your feelings of anger, what you are anticipating, what you are hoping for.


In a sense, any feeling and any sensation are useful to discover yourself.


Why do I feel rage toward this?

Why do I hate this?

Why do I feel anxious?

Those feelings and sensation can help you retrieve your true state as a Divine Being.


The pure you, is you as a God.

You as a God, is light itself.

And there, is no fear nor anxiety.


You received a physical body to experience Earth, then you started to experience what is called feelings.


By doing so, you started to experience what your Godly state will never have experienced.


Thus it turned out to be that you become angry, anxious, happy and experience diversity of feelings and sensations.


It is something added afterwards to your Divine Essence, the pure and real you.


That means, your feelings and sensations may not be your purity.


However, you who received a physical body and started to experience feelings and sensations, is indeed pure you.

The feelings and sensations you experience there, is pure you.


Now what is purity?

What does it mean to live your Divine Essence?


Are you being honest and loyal to your Divine Essence?

I would like to question your purity in this context..


Many people are awakening to live in harmony with their purity and truth.

I am very happy to see that.

It happens because many people are living according to themselves that is not actually themselves.


You, who you think you should be.

You, who you were taught as the proper way to be.

Trying to be a good person, trying to be someone who others want you to be


As its result, you become uncomfortable.

You live who you are not, and you don’t even notice that, and thus many people have lost sight of their truth


I want to retrieve myself.

People who have awakened to live who they truly are, are becoming free from who they thought they are,

And quit living who they believed they should be, or what they were taught,

And opening their eyes to live who they truly are.


I have always been waiting for this, so I am very happy to see people awakening, standing up to live who they are, their progress and growth.


But in this process, I see the tendency of people wanting to be honest to everything, to the things they feel, the sensations they have, or the thoughts that come into their mind.

That in times, can go off track from living your Divine Essence.


Living the person you are, and stop living who you are not

This awakening is indeed a happy one, what I have long awaited, however,

I am not doing it when I am angry, because I am true to myself


I am saying no to what I hate, I verbalize my feelings.

I am observing that those honesty and purity, is becoming a bit off from your true Divine Essence.


Purity and living yourself means to live your divine true essence.

What you think, what you feel.

They were not included in your true essence as a God.


When you came down to your body and started living the physical world, feelings and sensations were born.

That comes from your human aspects.


As mentioned, it is very important to not deny but accept and acknowledge all of your feelings.


To forgive, love and accept your honest feelings.

This is very important.


Being true to yourself.

This is very important.


Feelings, the sensations that arise,

In order to know yourself, feeling and sensation can even be a tool to teach who you are.


Not deny but accept feelings and sensations.

This is important.


However, they do not originate from your Divine Essence, but it was born when you received a physical body.


Regardless of the importance of accepting and acknowledging a certain reaction that arise within you,

Many of them does not come from Godly Essence, but come from the human side of you that is far from your Godly Essence.


Of course, even if they are not conscious, everyone is living this life for the sake of returning to God.


During this journey to return to God called life, you discover yourself through looking at the feelings and sensations that arise,

And when you surpass especially your feelings,

You will overcome all feelings

And you will return to the God that you are, who is never affected by any feelings.


Therefore, feeling and sensation is a wonderful thing.

However, because you are determined to live honestly, you say words that convey raw feeling that may hurt others

Or say something negative and hurt other people,


That is, a much better state than putting a lid like, denying those feelings and smile although you are actually hurt, or suppress your anger


However, it is completely far from living true to your Divinity.


Honestly expressing whatever you feel.

This may look like a pure expression of yourself, but in times, it can become egotism.


Also in relationship, rather than constrain true feelings and act falsely, it is better to express honestly and create a better relationship by revealing each other.


If you wear a mask and hide your feelings, others will surely notice.


Others will either consciously or unconsciously sense that you are not opening up, and so they shall not open themselves up to you similarly.


Thus, it is important to honestly express what you truly felt and thought.

However, that purity is different from the purity of living honestly and loyally to your Divine Essence.


Please think about it once again.

What is purity?

What does it mean to live in pureness?

What does it mean to live as who you are?


Not doing what you don’t like

Is that pure?

To live your pure divine self means, to grow continuously.


It is to proceed continuously.

It is to harness your wonderfulness, and contribute to the people and world.


It is to love and cherish your beauty, greatness, gift as God, and to enjoy yourself,

It is to be grateful to every moment of your precious lifetime and live in joy

And it is to share the above to the people you encounter through those experiences.


There may be hard times and there may be painful times.

Growing, often comes with pain.


Sad farewell, painful experience

They are also a precious life experience to help you grow.

Not doing it because you hate it, or because it is painful

That is totally the wrong path from living the Godly Essence.


What does it mean to live in pureness?

What does it mean to express your purity?

Please think about it once again.


You are pure,

You have been pure,

And you will continue to be pure.


You are originally, by nature, a pure being.

Your purity shall never be dishonored.


Because that is impossible.

You are God itself.

You are pure light.


You are nothing else but that.

What does it mean to be pure and Godly?

You must have heard this expression many times.


Purity, live in pureness

This expression is received and interpreted as per individual because everyone has different thoughts, values, and personal subjective.


Live in pureness, living the Divine Essence, live as who you are

Please review your personal subjective, ideas, and values about the above,

And think about it in a much deeper context.


To say whatever you feel and everyone living selfishly, is not Heaven on Earth.


Humbleness is necessary to live, and self-control is also necessary to live life.

Whilst undergoing the painful and harsh feelings born upon experiencing life challenges from Universe, you need the strength to overcome those obstacles.


What is the pure you?

What does it mean to live in pureness?


Please thoroughly get in touch with your purity, in a much deeper level than you have before.

Please get in touch with it, not with your head, but with your heart and soul.


When you touch your purity in a deeper level than before, and when you live that purity,

Your world and the society on Earth, shall also transform.


I am Goddess Isis.

I thank you for being able to talk to you, through this channeler.


Do you all know about the remains and cities that sank in Earth’s ocean, what lies in the bottom of sea?

Such cities and towns that sank in seabed, exist all over the world.


Many of you may know about this.

Research are done about underwater ruins and results are delivered, so it is possible to know about the site even if you are on ground.


It is the trace of ancient civilization that existed on this planet.

It is the city and town that actually flourished, going back a long long period of time.


Seabed elevation and crustal deformation.

Because Earth is also a living entity, its form is constantly changing.

During long period of time, it went through great change from a state that is completely different from that of you know today.


Ancient civilization that blossomed on ground, now have sank in bottom of sea, and you are able to see its remains.


Hidden enormous power is there in underwater remains.

Although it has sank in sea bottom, still it is steadily keeping the glory, wisdom and energy of that time.


Civilization has ended and is an existence of past time, however, the wisdom and power that flourished and supported the culture, are not lost.


Those who have visited underwater remains may have been shocked by actually witnessing its overwhelming and indescribable power.


By using technology, you are able to touch, get close to and see the underwater remains.


By visiting the underwater ruins and its area all over the world, you are able to receive the extraordinary energy which supported and blossomed the ancient civilization that has not been lost.


If you have received its power by getting in contact with the energy of underwater ruins, have you noticed an energy change, gaining life momentum, development in spirituality, or any kind of change?


The wisdom and power of ancient civilization is not lost.

Physically it has perished, however not everything is destroyed.

Part of that city, town and temple has sank to seabed and you are able to see it today.


Of course, you can see the traces of ancient civilization not only in the ruins that have sank underwater, but also on ground.


My home, Egypt.

Through the temple and pyramids, you are able to see the tracing of a country that flourished thousands of years ago


Also in other lands, you are able to see traces of a civilization that bloomed on earth in the past time.


In those remains on ground, there are places that still hold the secret, the wisdom, power and energy that supported the ancient civilization, like the underwater ruins.


Unfortunately, for those remains on ground, there are ones that may be there physically but lost its energy and is empty inside.


For those remains, if you pay a visit you may get a slight idea of the past days, but unfortunately will not be able to receive its power.


However in several places, you can receive power.


For those of you who visited ancient remains on ground, as aforementioned, there may be ones that experienced growth in spirituality, gained life momentum, life change, and any kind of change.


If you experienced a change, it is most likely that you got in touch with ancient wisdom and power that somehow survived in the remains.


The reason why I first mentioned about underwater sites, is because the power still remaining in underwater sites are not lost compared to that of on ground.


Of course in some aspects, it is lost.

Although it physically is remaining partially, there are various living creatures underwater, and Earth is a living entity that is constantly evolving,


By the continuing life and change of planet Earth, its energy may have changed and lost in some aspects.


However surprisingly, the wisdom and power that brought prosperity in ancient days remains as it was, more in underwater sites.


If you can see or touch the underwater remains, that of course is the best way.

However, even if you do not go visit, by directing your consciousness and connecting with it, you can receive its power.


In the upcoming time, to develop spirituality and inner wisdom, I want you to connect with the underwater remains and receive the power that dwell.


The wisdom and power that still exist after long long time in underwater remains, is older than the power that is somehow existing in the on ground remains.


It is an older wisdom than the ancient civilization on ground.

There, exists a lot of mystery.

There, exists an extraordinary wisdom of cosmos.


By getting in touch with the power that remain in underwater sites, you may experience a flowering of an aspect that has not yet been seen.

You may experience a flowering in a cosmic and galactic level.


In history, in various time and place, there were people that were close to cosmic and galactic entity, and cosmic wisdom was brought to humanity for many times.

This is as you know.


It is now time to retrieve the bonding and connection between you and cosmos/galaxy.

In other words, without the firm bonding with cosmos and galaxy, and its wisdom and power, you will not evolve nor create a future for new Earth and new society.


It is not a relationship to be built anew, but a state that you originally owned.


Tracing back your history, in ancient civilization, especially the most ancient ones, people had galactic consciousness and cosmic consciousness.


They were constantly communicating with cosmos, God and fairies.

The time which people had developed spirituality, had long continued.


Due to various reasons, during long period of time, spirituality was gradually sealed.

Connection with God, cosmos, galaxy was gradually closed.

By this, the consciousness of humans become something very narrow.


Now, the time has come.

Like it was in ancient civilization, it is time for people to develop spirituality, blossom spirituality, broaden awareness,

Receive wisdom and power from cosmos and galaxy, constantly communicate and exercise the extraordinary power.


For that sake, the amazing mysterious power that still live in underwater remains in seabed of this planet, shall support you.


By great technology, touching the power remaining in the underwater ruins, is possible today.


If you are afraid of sea or is difficult to visit the site, direct your consciousness to the place and meditate on the underwater remains.

Or, access to ancient civilization through underwater remains and meditate on ancient civilization.


Within your DNA, there is all information of human history.

It is possible to access ancient civilization through meditation, which your ancestors lived.


From now on, the time is coming for you to unite with cosmos and galaxy, and live in such high consciousness.


You are not a human being.

Human being is a very small part of you, it is just a part that physically surfaced.


Cosmic and galactic power and wisdom is vital to live upcoming times.

It is the power to be awakened within you.

It is time for your amazing and unique energy to be one with the cosmos and galaxy.


This somewhat means, a restoration of the great ancient civilization that once prospered on this planet.

People are quickly awakening to their spirituality.

People are awakening to cosmic and galactic consciousness.


And people are starting to realize the importance of expressing their uniqueness.

People are starting to realize, that is the only way.


When you awaken to the original state, the cosmic and galactic consciousness, you will be able to exercise a truly extraordinary power, more than you do now.


Nothing is impossible for universe and God.

When it is awakened within you, you will utilize your inborn original features and accomplish even more amazing things in life.


Please look up at stars.

Please think about cosmos and space.

Please think about galaxy.

By doing so, please become aware of your infinite potential.


The great role and work that you will do, is something that is awaited by people, awaited by universe.


If you are able to do that, you will exercise a surprising and amazing power, and will manifest an extraordinary wonderful society on ground, once again.


That is now possible, the timing has finally come.

Until now, there were times that it was impossible.


However, now, cosmos and galaxy is on your side.

Finally, it is time for you to actually express your power, more than before.

For this sake, you need the power of cosmos and galaxy.


Universe and God, both wishes you to fully express your unique and amazing power, and they will happily support you.


Thus, there is no need to be reserved in expressing your amazingness.


You hesitate, underestimate that you are not good enough, and it stops you from doing.

Or, the self-image you have created, stops you from doing.

Let’s overcome this.


When you are able to overcome this, the infinite potential inside you will open itself up, and will be able to receive cosmic power that make it possible to manifest overwhelming prosperity seen in ancient remains.


Please steadily direct your consciousness to the cosmos.


I am Goddess Isis.

I have come here to communicate with you through this channeler.

Please let me take a moment and talk to you.


When you are living on Earth, when you are living what is called life, I assume you go through various emotions.


Until now, you have felt bitterness, sadness, pain, happiness, joy, bliss and many other feelings.


You experience many things, encounter various people, and go through many happenings.

That is why there is depth in your life, and becomes more interesting.

However still, I assume you feel many things in your heart, through each and every experience.


One of the things I would like to address today is I would like you to know that the power to overcome your inner weakness and darkness, exists within you.


You have had times when everything seemed to be covered in thick darkness,

When you had no one to trust, when you despised everyone else,

When you could not see dream nor hope,

When you wanted to abandon everything, when you felt everything was meaningless…


I assume there is not one person who have never experienced any of the above.

As a matter of fact, life is created so that you have those experiences, in a sense.


You have had times when you could not have hope in anything,

When you felt your actions were meaningless,

When you felt your efforts made no difference,

When you hit the wall and lost your spirit.


Why do those events happen several times in life?


You lose hope for everything,

You lose the slightest spirit to hold on.

Why does life offer you such experience for several times?


This is because, you are tested by Heaven and Universe.

Regardless of the how dark your world may be, are you able to find the light by yourself and realize that you are to walk towards that light?

Are you able to proceed towards such direction?


You are a being of light.

You can find light within yourself.


When your life is extremely hard,

When everything seems to go wrong,

When you feel you cannot trust anyone,

When your life and your world is just hopeless,

When your heart is broken from all of these feelings…


The light to save you in those times, I assume you have experienced this but,

That light cannot be found outside of you.


I gave up all hope for him, she also disappointed me, I cannot trust anyone,

Can’t I find someone that I can believe?


It is not about trying to find someone trustworthy other than yourself.

It is about seeing yourself as the trustful other, and asking the answer to yourself.


Everything is going wrong,

Nothing is making its way,

I feel like I am going nowhere.


Even in such situation, even if no one lends you a hand, and all is stagnated,

You certainly have the power to move and develop the flow.


Thus, when nothing is going right in life, you are in despair, and cannot feel hope in anything,


You may be in distrust, you may suffer for the difficult work situation,

You may mentally, financially and practically be in a painful and desperate circumstance,


You come across the thick darkness in life several times, in order to realize that light is there inside you.


Light is found exactly inside you, and that light shall never vanish.


You are the light itself.

If you believe in the light inside you, no matter what may happen in your life, no matter how hopeless you are,

If you believe your light, you can tear down the darkness using your light.


You can glow your light in the world of solid darkness, and make it a bright shimmering world again.


That light is not something that is given from another person, nor something that you can anticipate from someone else.


My existence itself is light,

I am in charge of shining my life with my light.


I am the one to find the light within myself,

And believe in that light, that is the only way.

In order for you to recall this, your life becomes the solid darkness.


Actually, it can never be a pure darkness.

Like the light that you are, everyone else is a being of light.

However, everything can seem as darkness when life is painful.


Every time you find yourself in such difficult situation that seems as pure darkness,

It is up to me, I have to trust myself


Even if no one has faith in me,

If I do, if I try my best, I can somehow change the situation.

Everything is up to me.

It all happens, so that you can come to this realization.


I think you have had such experience in the past.

I am the one to take action, I have to believe myself,

It is all up to me, it all depends on me.


When this realization came to you, didn’t you succeed in generating your true authentic power, the power that you had never seen in your life before?


Weren’t you able to change the hard difficult situation with your own power?

Inside you, there is the power to change life as much as you wish.


I think you have heard the phrase, Heaven does not give what one cannot take.


Indeed, regardless of how severe your life may be, you have the power to conquer it.


On the other hand, there are pain and wound which you cannot overcome.


There are many people in this world who have had an experience too brutal and harsh, as you know.


Amongst yourselves, I assume there are ones who have wounds that cannot be easily healed.


It is possible to overcome it, however, you may have realized that

It is difficult to completely be freed from the pain, or to heal the hurting wound.


The goal is not to be healed, and be freed from it.

Although you have the wound that may never be healed,

Although you always carry that pain,

You and everyone else has the power to overcome all and every hardships and obstacles in life.


The light and the answer, exists inside yourself.

It cannot be found outside you.


Therefore I cannot say, this is the answer for you.

It can only be answered by yourself.


Inside you, there is the answer that can only be found by you.

The light to shine that answer, is within you.


The answer nor light, is not found outside.

Who has the light?

The light to shine the answer inside you, exists nowhere but inside you.


For your upcoming life, for everyone that is living on Earth,

I would like you to cherish this in your life.


It is to believe in yourself.

It is to believe, choose, and take actions, according to your answer that exists only in you.


Of course, many people you encounter in life give you amazing lesson and amazing wisdom,


Of course, you will continue to have many wonderful encounters with people that you truly appreciate meeting, and it shall be a great gift for you.


You will receive wisdom from amazing people with high consciousness, and it shall serve you as positive inspiration.


However, regardless of how amazing the teaching may be,

How stimulated you become by the wonderful people with great will and mind,

Your answer can only be found by yourself.


Whilst getting positive inspiration and interacting with people who teach you amazing wisdom,

I would like you to believe in your light.


Especially, when you feel your life is covered with darkness,

When you feel everything is not going well,

When you feel you are blocked in every direction,


Wait, I am going to shine this darkness,

I am going to walk the life path,

I am going to walk in this darkness,


The light to shine the most amazing path of your life, is the very light coming from yourself.

Please, always keep this in mind.

Your existence itself, is light.


Please believe in that light,

And the more painful and harder your life become,

Please shine that light, and trust your power.


If you believe in yourself,

Regardless of the painful situation or anything,

If you believe in your inner light,


And when you light the darkness with your own light,

Make a life choice that you believe in, and steadily move forward and take actions,

You shall see people that are following your footsteps.


They will realize,

I must not depend on someone else, rely upon others, but it is all up to me.

By looking at your attitude, more people will realize, and stand up on their feet.


I am hoping for many people to become independent like that.

Many people are not able to believe in themselves,

They do not realize they are an amazing being.

They compare themselves with others and become envious,

Or try to depend on people who seem to have power.


Or, they want someone else to tell them what to do, even though the answer can be found by themselves,

They search for their answer in the outside, and want to be given direction on what actions to take.

This is an attitude that does not see the answer within themselves.


Those people that look for an answer outside,

Or in worst cases, be dependent,

I am worried about their state of mind.


From now on, it will be a blessed time for everyone to be independent, and to express their own world.

It is a time in history when every uniqueness shall shine.


For those who trust your answer, trust your choice, value yourself and move forward,

The doors of life shall open, one after another.


Of course, I am not saying you should not listen to other people at all.


People around you, human relationship and the world around you, is your mirror.

Your surrounding is playing the role of a mirror, for you to know yourself.


And just like you have a unique talent and greatness, other people also have a unique and amazing gift.

Therefore, it is very important to share your gifts with each other.


I am not saying, I want you to find the answer within yourself by shutting the relationship and surrounding mirror.


I am hoping for you to value the importance of eventually finding the answer within yourself, after you have treasured the people around you as a mirror and your relationship with them.

I am hoping for you to value the mindset of finding your own answer by yourself, whilst getting in touch with the amazing wisdom and talent of people around you.


Up until today, I assume you have had encounters with wonderful people who made a significant difference in yourself and in your life.


The greatness that you saw within them, are their truth.

Regardless of how much you were supported by their truth, wisdom, personality, and thoughts,

Your truth is different from their truth.


The truth within yourself.

Your own light will shine on it, and shall show it to you.


Then, what is your light?

First of all, what is light?


Phrasing ‘A light is ~’ shall come out as a different expression for each of you, and I cannot conclude a definite answer.

However, if I were to answer what light is, one of its answer, is your divinity.


You are a holy being, a special being.

Within you, there are things that are not holy.

Within you, you surly have negativity, laziness, tendency to compare, and more.


Please do not deny this negativity.


Everyone is composed of bipolarity.

That bipolarity is wonderful.


You can work hard, but you can also be lazy.

Because you have the lazy aspect, you become more humane and interesting.


There is no person like a saint.

However, when we talk about light,

And it is the light to shine your most important answer, therefore, it is your divinity.


You, that is productive.

You, that is growing.


Your mindset of weakness, ego, laziness,

Your mindset of wanting to take a shortcut,

These cannot shine the light.


This means, in order to shine the light to find your inner answer with your own light,

It is very important for you to accept your inner divinity,

It is very important for you to accept that you are a very divine, special and precious existence.


Are you able to believe in it?

Are you able to accept that you are a divine being?


When you ask yourself if you are a truly divine being, there is something I would like you to be careful.


Please do not understand it with your head, accept it with your head, nor question with your head.


Please question with your heart, with your soul, to your existence

Am I a divine being?


And please do not ask for the answer to be yes,

But just recall that from the beginning to the end, you are a divine existence.


I am divine,

I am loved and wanted from God, Heaven and Universe,

I am wanted from this planet, and that is the very reason why I exist here now.


Please recall the preciousness and holiness of your being,

Not with your head, but with your heart, and with your entire existence.


When you recall your holiness,

Your inner light will shine, and

It shall shine the answer inside yourself.


When you recall that you are holy,

When you believe your divine self, and believe in your own light,

You will never be in trouble, in life.


This is because, no matter the darkness, you can cut open with your light, and find a new path.


Please, do not forget that you are a brilliant being.

And shine your own unique greatness, in each and every day of your life.

I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to communicate to you through this channeler.


I would like to tell you, the upcoming time shall be very exciting.

Are you all ready for this?

An exciting time, a joyous time.

A time you have so many anticipations, a time you are always fascinated.

Are you ready to enter such a time in history?


Every day, every moment, you are excited to think

What is next? What shall I do?

Can you imagine your everyday life being so vibrant and lively?


Such time is arriving.

What shall I do today? Who shall I see today?

What shall be my next venture?


Excitement, joy, fun…

Some of you may already be living life full of hope and anticipation to do various things.


When you take a look at the world, you may be convinced that number of such people are increasing.


Meanwhile, some of you may think

My life is not that exciting, I’m troubled about many things and full of uncertainty.

I wonder if I can ever be excited like that?


There still are many people that aren’t like that, how are we to create such a world?

Some of you may think so.


However, there surly are more people that are full of excitement thinking

Who shall I meet, what shall I do to live this moment?

Actually, the time has now become possible to do this.


Looking at the historical background, various things has become possible as you all know.


Take for example, traveling to the other side of Earth.

During some time it was simply impossible, meanwhile at other times someone accomplished it devoting months and years.


Today on the other hand, you can go to the opposite side of Earth in a surprisingly short time.

You can easily communicate with people in different countries, and many things that didn’t even exist are now possible.


Clearly, there are more things that you can experience in life.

For that reason, both in your whole life and daily life, you have far more possibility to experience and create new, unseen and interesting events.


In your upcoming life, many things are becoming possible that was beyond one’s imagination, and thus there lies a great possibility.


Such great possibility surely exist in your individual lives.

Amongst them all, to which ones do you especially feel excitement and hope?


What are you absolutely enthralled by?

What makes your heart pound full of joy?

What is it?


The upcoming time is a world where everyone can do diverse things with unlimited possibility.

And this has already started.


Therefore, I would like you to grasp your life, each and every moment of your day, as so.


When you wake up in the morning, you think

How and with whom shall I spend my time?

Who shall I go visit, who shall I take contact?


What shall I wear?

Where shall I go?

What shall be the new challenge for me today?

Which movie shall I see?


Within each and every day, there are more choices than any other time in history, and you are free to pick any one.

There probably are no time that had such many options, as today.


In just 100 or 200 years ago, there were many things one had to devote their power in order to maintain life.

The time had long continued which one did not have much options.


Every day of our life, this very day that shall never come back,

How would you like to use its time?

For what, would you like to use it for?

Now, in this moment, please give it a thought.


Having myself address this topic, you may think

Yes I am excited, it’s a time with so many options.


I’ll think about it tomorrow morning when I wake up.

If you think so, that is too late.

Please consider about it now, in this very moment whilst I am talking.


Now, in this moment, how would you spend the rest of the day to make yourself the happiest?

What will you do, who will you meet, where will you go…

What will your choices be to bring yourself the greatest joy?


It can be the little things.

For instance, what will your choice be for dinner to make you the most excited?

Ask your heart and soul.


Even for the smallest things, think

Oh I’d like to eat this, or, I haven’t eaten that for a long time…

There must be a menu that just by imagining eating, you get very excited.


It can be the smallest things.

Or rather, the smallest things are the important ones.

It is because I would like you to choose all actions in life, every moment with excitement and joy.


You deserve to live a life full of joy, and you are here for that sake.

You deserve and have the right to live in happiness, to fulfill your heart and body.


Spending a happy fulfilling time with your loved ones.

Enjoy engaging in a passionate job that reward you with satisfaction and motivation, whilst contributing to people and society.


Enjoying the fashion that you love and make you happy.

You deserve and are entitled to live every moment of your daily life, every action and experience with joy and happiness.


In order for you to live in happiness with fulfilment and joy, find joy in each moment and each action,

Choose something that bring you excitement,

Engage and experience in a way that you feel excitement and satisfaction.

It all starts from here.


Therefore, if you say

I’ll think about it tomorrow or

Oh I know such attitude is important…

If it remain as an understanding in your head, your life will not change.


Thus, in this very moment that I am talking,

Right now, please think.

In order to go back home happily and joyfully, which route should I take?

What choices do I have?


I can enjoy tea at my favorite café

I can go shopping and buy a nice dress

I can go see my best friend


Or I can go straight back and spend a relaxing time and meditate

I can go see a movie…

Numbers of option exist.


Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today this very day

You still have half a day left

What will you choose in order to make yourself the happiest?


Please make it a habit to listen to your voice, the choice that bring ultimate joy and happiness.

Not with your head, but ask your heart and soul.

You are to do this every day, every moment.


And according to your honest voice, make a choice and take an action.


Being aware of it, does not change anything.

If you become aware that

Oh this makes me excited,

This is the choice that makes me happy…

Put it into action.

Only after putting into action, it becomes reality in life.


Always, each and every day, always continue asking yourself,

What makes me the most happiest?

What makes me the most excited?

What makes me the most passionate?


The excitement arousing from yourself,

The passionate answer heard within…

When you put these into action and experience them


You shall be fulfilled with its joy,

And your life shall be fulfilled with joy energy.


Working hard all your life, and suddenly one day something happens and brings you enormous joy.

I am not talking about such joy that occurs rarely but


Living a life of joy, living a happy and fulfilled life does not mean waiting for something to happen,

But you are to choose it yourself.


You are the creator of your life.

You are the leading character of your life movie, while at the same time, you are the director and playwright.

You are the Creator God.


You can choose to live like this, or not.

Now is the very time make this choice.

Are you living by obligation or someone’s anticipation?

Are you living by expectation of society?


Are you living in hope to welcome happiness, joy, or lucky happening that may come sometime?


Or, from this moment, right now,

Are you going to continuously question what will be the ultimate joy and happiness this very day?


And find the answer within yourself, put it into action

And live each and every day to fulfill yourself and life with joy and happiness?


The innocent child within you, is wanting for you to look at him or herself.

Within your existence, there always is the innocent child.

Are you listening to the voice of that child, the pure innocent you?


To live like a child, to live as you honestly are.

This is especially important from now and on.


A time which everyone shine by living one’s real nature.

Not what someone else anticipates or

Not trying to become someone else because you want to be a good person or

Not your ideal self image

But when you live your pure honest self, you are able to truly glow.


No one can become someone else but themselves.

You are here to live yourself.

And that honest natural you is an amazing existence, far more than you can ever imagine.


It is important to love and accept yourself.

I often see many people hate themselves, deny themselves, and not appreciating themselves.


However you, it is very important to love yourself first.

Actually you, you are wanting to be loved by yourself the most.

And the pure honest you, can be fulfilled by being loved by yourself.


When you are truly fulfilled, you recognize that it is okay for you to be plain and honest as you are.

This is a great healing, and you will be able to express your nature outwards.


You have the important mission to express your pure nature, here.


To do that, you are to love and accept yourself more than anyone else.

Please, forgive yourself.

If not, the door to your truth, who you really are will not open.


Therefore, in your everyday life, you need to take actions to love yourself.


Take time for yourself.

Listen to what your heart is asking for, and take actions accordingly.


Look at what your heart and soul feel happiness and joy, choose and put it into practice.

This is very important.


When you really and fully shine from inside, it will encourage and save the people around you.


People who are suffering they cannot value, love, forgive or accept themselves…

By looking at your light, they will want to love and accept themselves, like you are doing.


For the sake of saving others, it is important for you to love and shine yourself.

It is an exciting time where everyone can shine.


However, the manifestation of such time on Earth depends on and starts from you to question and act out your own happiness every day.


Without your such attitude towards life, there will never be a world where everyone is excited and is able to shine.

This very moment, make a choice.

This very moment, ask your heart and soul.


What is my happiness?

What is it that I am so motivated and passionate I cannot die and leave this world without doing?

To make me truly happy and fulfilled, how would I live this very day?


In this period of time, please continue for a while to reflect upon your upcoming life.


Right now, in this time, many people are undergoing a change.

For many people, it is now a time to once again reflect upon their most important mission and role.


For many people, it is now a time to utilize one’s nature and quality, to express one’s charm, and to steadily engage, more than ever, in whatever accomplishment that is possible because of their uniqueness.


To those who make that choice and proceed towards the direction that is meant for themselves to walk,

They shall receive great support from Heaven and Universe.


The time is already here.

I am not talking about far future.

I am talking about right now, this exact moment.


You are an irreplaceable, special, important and divine existence.

Please accept this not with your head, but in a deeper level.

Please understand this.


You have the responsibility to glow, to live in glory.

You have the responsibility to find your own happiness and joy, and actually live it.

You deserve and have this right.


Please respect and appreciate your amazingness.

Please express it and live in happiness with a shimmering smile.



I am Goddess Isis.


Today, I would like to talk to you about founding of a country.


Like you know, various civilization and countries have established, flourished and perished in history.


Many wonderful civilizations were born around the world, again and again.

Diverse nations were born all around Earth.


The condition of those civilizations and countries vary according to the era.

Each time people strived utilizing their talent, and established a grand country or civilization.


The reason why I am addressing about founding and establishing a country is because, just right now, it is the very time to exert your talent.


When civilizations and countries were being constructed, many people put their heads together, thought carefully, and collaborated to work on all and every aspects of society.


Needless to say in ancient times, but also in modern times until today, people received more universal and celestial wisdom, and more universal equation.

They received guidance from entities called Gods and Goddesses, and constructed a country on its basis.


In a manner of speaking, mankind was more connected to Heaven and Universe.


They used what was received, followed guidance at times, and utilized them to create a country and civilization.


Everyone of mankind are a divine being, and have come to Earth with an incomparable wisdom.

Each and every one of you are Gods and Goddesses, and are here with an extraordinary power to be exerted on Earth.


Preconception like ‘I am a human being’ is sealing that extraordinary power and wisdom.

You are limiting your infinite possibility by looking at yourself with such restricted mind.


There is a need to change that mind.

Expand your awareness from the present mind of ‘just a human being’ to the truth that you are an eternal being who came to Earth with an infinite possibility.

The time has come for you to return to this fact.


By doing so, the extraordinary power and wisdom you can exert to life and world, the power that had been sealed, will be able to emerge.

You will be able to accomplish things in life, beyond your imagination.


These things shall happen first.

Moreover, from living in a small self-capacity by limiting to much less than your true caliber,


When you come in unity with God, Heaven and Universe, and clear away your restrictions toward them, you will be able to receive the wisdom of Heaven and Universe much naturally.


Therefore, you should clear away the limits you have imposed on yourself, and be freed from it.


Somewhere at some level, you already know that you have brought extraordinary talent, power and wisdom for it is the truth.


Some of you may have tried various approaches to somehow manifest your extraordinary power.

However, you may have felt an insurmountable wall at some point.


Know your true color, and not with your head.

The moment you perceive yourself as a limited small vessel, you will be living with the partial power and partial potential of your extraordinary magnificence.


You are a holy being, a God, a Goddess.

You have the power to accomplish something greater than you know.


Admit your divinity.

Than the limits will be cleared away and possibilities will widen.

Many entities of the higher realm are anticipating this to happen.


That is because your power is truly extraordinary,

And needless to say, we wish you to exert that power limitlessly and live your truth,


But also, we anticipate for you to create the future of world, the future of New Earth.


The New Earth and its world, is completely unseen.

The wonderful world we know, has come to an end.


Regardless of how wonderful the world until today has been, most of the things cannot live in the frequency of New Earth.

Like many civilizations and countries were born and perished on Earth, the old time is now about to go.


Ending means a new beginning.

It begins from each and every one of you.


Clear away the limits you have placed on yourself,

Manifest your inborn infinite possibility,

Exert your extraordinary wisdom and talent you actually have,

Live your true color and demonstrate a magnificent creation,

All of this is connected to ending the old you.


You, who have imposed restrictions,

The self-image created by the restricted you,

They have limited yourself.

Finally, the time has come for you to be freed from them.


However, this does not mean to deny the old you.

Each and every moment that you have lived are marvelous.

Things you have experienced, things you have learned, they are all irreplaceable and have lead you to be here today.


In order to live your true eternal extraordinary being, there is a need to destroy the old you.

When letting go of something old, many feel sadness and pain.

In times, it is not easy to let go of something familiar.


However, there are many habits, patterns, values, thoughts, and lifestyles that hinder to live in truth.

Within them, there are many which no longer serve you.


Because they support yourself created by the restricted you, it may be fearful to destroy.

Because you are afraid of being freed, it may be fearful to let go.


However, this is a blessed disruption.

You cannot go to the new destination, unless you let go.

You cannot go to the new cycle, unless you destroy.


There are many painful things in the process of leaving the old you.

However, for those that have accepted the pain and faced your aspects that should be released, a blessed beginning will surely come


Are you ready to depart from the old you?

Are you ready to be freed from the restrictions you have imposed which hinder to live your true color?

Are you determined to free yourself from the values and beliefs you have clung to?


If you can truly put it behind, please decide to do so every day, over and over again in your heart.


Just feeling its importance in your head, does not create true disruption or rebirth.


“I will free myself from the old energy which hinder to live my true color”


If you cannot truly commit to do this, you will continue to live the old you, and will never be freed.


It all depends on your commitment.

This commitment is not easy to make.


Live your true colors.

Be freed from the old you hindering the way.

Be freed from the persona, habit, preconception and value you have created.

Let go.

From now on, reflect upon yourself and make commitment every day.


When you have truly committed, a phenomena to destroy them and let yourself be freed will come before you as actual reality.


Then surely, you will be freed, purified and start to find your truth.


If you wish to open your infinite possibility, live your true color, evolve more, grow more and live a life of splendor, please earnestly work on this process that I have just addressed.


Now is the time for a major shift.

It is necessary for everyone, however I want you to be the pioneer to commit and proceed the steps.


When you become courageous, leave the old you, and make a step forward to the new realm, there will be people who can shift by following the footsteps.


Creating a new time with new energy.

That will be possible if each and every one of you manifest the infinite possibility and wisdom.

That will be possible if each and every one of you manifest the beauty and splendor as God and Goddesses.


Now is time for each one to be freed from old restriction and take a step forward to true self.

In this new chapter on Earth, please reflect upon yourself and create a shift within yourself.


I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to be able to communicate with you through this channeler.


In the society you live today, there is a raging storm of information.


Like you well know, as it is often described as information society, all and every kinds of information are overflowing.


In some ways, it is convenient.

Now it is possible to transmit an information in a mere second, whereas in the past, it took hours and sometimes years.

Of course, there are various benefits of this environment where information come and go.


However, when I observe you in this wave of information, when I observe the energy of the information itself, and when I observe the energy of the society overflown with enormous amount of information,


In a sense, it is a chaotic situation.

It is as though a storm is raging.


Although it is convenient and beneficial in various ways, like you know, there also are many negative effects happening.


There also are a lot of mind control energy coming along with it.


An energy that is intended to make you think a certain way, is working.

Using people’s mentality and psychological pattern, there is a trick that lead you to a certain emotional and mental state.


If that is of love, or what support your growth, it may serve as a divine tool or divine measure.


I am not saying those do not exist, however, I do observe a lot of mind control energy.

It is leading you to a certain state by using the pattern, for the sake of creating a situation that is favorable to someone’s benefit and desire.


Those energy, or if I were to speak of extremes, things that are presented to look a certain way, may be a lie or exaggeration.

You may believe that something is wonderful, however, find out that it is nothing worthy.


In some way, there are many lies and exaggeration, like you well know.

And it seems that more people are becoming aware of the shallowness and poor quality of those information.


What I would like to tell you through this channeler today is,

Regardless of the raging storm, regardless of the false information or even the truth, regardless of this time in history which you are confused by the flooding information, I ask you not to lose track of your own path.


Where are you heading?

What are your goals in life?

What would you like to accomplish?

What is the field that you truly want to get involved and make contributions?


What is the improvement you can offer to society, which can be done by utilizing your unique talent and not others?


Who are the people that can be encouraged, empowered and be guided to happiness by you and not others?


You hold God’s will, you have a role, and you are responsible to do it.

Because it is something you promised God and decided to accomplish here on Earth.


It is your responsibility and your life purpose to utilize your talent.


If you are selecting an information that help harness your talent and greatness from the enormous amount of information, it is a wonderful thing.


If you are selecting an information that help proceed the life path you are meant to walk, it is a wonderful thing.


If you are selecting an information that help you realize that the answer is within yourself, that you can improve your life as much as you wish, and that you are the very person that have the power to do so, it is a wonderful thing.


If you are selecting an information that support you realize how great a being you are and how it is possible to create a blissful life, it is a wonderful thing.


What I would like you to be careful is, to not be fooled by information that make you think you are unworthy or undeserving.


You are a God, a special being.

Your inborn power cannot be expressed by someone else for you.

It can only be expressed by yourself.


You are now here to know yourself, utilize your talent, express your charm and thus fulfill the promise with God.


It is wanted by the people, and more than anyone, it will make yourself happy.


This is a very important task in your life.

Love yourself, express your true self, find and choose what most fulfill your spirit and bring the largest joy.

I want you to put it into action, manifest it, and live a life full of joy and love.


In this world, there is energy that try to hinder this, suggest that you lack power, and try to keep your treasure buried.

Those energy exist through various information.


Of course it is important to pick up fun information as entertainment and recreation.


However, you must not let yourself be affected by those that distract your attention from doing the most important thing in life.


When I observe the society today, many people are confused by the flooding information and as a consequence, abandon their power or be depressed from sense of unworthiness.


It is sad to see that too many people are putting a lid on their treasure and not at all expressing their amazing gift.


However, if I may tell you a mystical fact, you are living life to find your inborn truth by yourself, and to earnestly recall what is hidden inside you.


Therefore, you are living in a situation that is difficult to find your truth, for the sake of finding it.

Thus it is no exaggeration to say that those energy which distract you from your truth, necessarily exist on Earth.


Hence, please never forget to reflect upon your truth in life.

You may enjoy various information.


Rather, enjoy various recreation, art and what entertain and relax yourself.

However, do not choose what may confuse you, distract your value system, and allow to let go of your power.


Regardless of the environment, persuasion of one’s truth is a theme that all humanity must never forget.

It is your mission to encounter yourself, know yourself deeper, love yourself and make full use of yourself.


You came to Earth to do this, thus I do not want you to be tossed about by information, live what you are made to believe as a normal life, and lead a life that never let your truth to be awakened.


However, all of this is up to the choice of each individual.

Thus, even if there are many people that does not pursue their truth, but be tossed about by information and accept the outer information as their truth,


And believe not in their own truth but what is given from outside as so, I cannot do anything about it.


This is because I cannot take away the free will of the people.

It is unfortunate but we respect each person’s choice.

However, I do always hope that those people to be awaken at some point.


You were brought here today, and I am talking to you through this channeler.

I would like to ask you a special favor.


Please do not let your heart, mind and time be deprived by the low quality information intended to confuse you.

Please do not let your option as to how to use your life, and how you live your life, be deprived.

It is you that lets it be taken away.


Such a low quality energy that blind people from truth, is becoming very strong.

As a consequence, I see many people make regrettable choice when they were able to live more of their truth, be awaken, and live a life that activates their truth.

That is why I am addressing this subject to you.


Now, in this very moment, there is something I would like you to contemplate.

Not tomorrow, not someday but I would like you think about it in this very moment right here.


What is your truth?

What is the life path that you choose, free from any affect from any information?


You are an eternal being of God.

However the life you live with a physical body, is limited.


You can never retrieve the time you once used.

If you were to choose your precious time that only comes once, according to your very truth, what would you choose?

Please think about it in this very moment.


The true choice for you, shall evoke some kind of sensation to your soul, heart, body and spirit.

You shall feel certain that it is exactly ‘it’


You should ask this question to yourself repeatedly.

There is no time to be tardy.

Every moment is your precious time that only come once.


Please use your irreplaceable time and energy to what really is valuable for you.

Please make a choice that helps you live the truth.


I hope you continuously ask this question to yourself.

If more people repeatedly ask themselves the most important question, its effect will surely be transmitted to the surrounding people just like the ripple spreading on the lake surface.


When those of you who have come here today, ask yourselves this question and choose to live your truth without being influenced by information, and when you become conscious and put it into action,


There certainly will be people you will influence.

Regardless of you directly seeing them or not, those that are vibrationally and energetically affected, will likewise be awaken and will take action.


Please start from yourself.

Those of you who are here, may not be influenced by the flooding information already.


You may already be living a life which you only pick up the very necessary information.

You may not be confused by information.

You may be seeking for and already are choosing an analog relationship which you wish to actually meet, feel and connect.


However, even if you are so, please understand anew, how big an information storm is raging in the world, and whilst delivering benefits, how big a damage it is creating.


And once again, choose, take actions and live your life, according to your truth.


Inspect all information if it matches your truth, and choose only the necessary one.

For all the other information, do not let it affect you, do not let any information pollute you.


Like this, when you are able to take steady balance between the overflowing information and yourself, regardless of the amount of information and vicious energy, you will be able to manifest your truth.


When you consistently live your truth,

When you love, respect, express your greatness in life,

You will become a wonderful source of information.


Your existence will become a wonderful source of information saying:

It is such a bliss to live true to yourself,

If you are not affected from any information and choose only the important, wonderful and necessary information, life is in such good energy.


When this happens, the people you meet will recognize that it is possible to choose the necessary information and not be confused by the unnecessary information, and live happily with a smile, and thus they shall change.


What is the message you want to express?

There are many information in the world.

Among all of them, what is the information you wish to send out?


There surely is a message that your Godly essence is wishing to spread to the world.

Please feel it right now, in this moment.


When you encounter someone today, you may not care about all the other things, but what is the one message that you crave to express?


In this very moment, please recall it.

If you do recall, please express it to the people you encounter in your life from now and on.


You may express by words.

You may express by your attitude towards life.


As the information source that make many people smile and be happy, please express the message your divine essence is wanting to convey,

And live every day and moment, your valuable and precious time, with amazing bliss and joy.


I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to come down and communicate with you through this channeler.


Today, I would like to talk to you about the nature of this planet Earth.

Living on this planet, I assume you have opportunities to get in touch with nature in your own way.


Even if you live in a city, or even if you live in an urban area with little nature, I assume there is some sort of nature.


It may be a tree in the street side or a bird and animal living in the city.

You may be growing a plant in your living environment.

In times, you may go out in the wild nature.


You may travel to look at the ocean, visit a big mountain or a place thickly covered with trees, go see a beautiful river or flowers.

Until today, I think you have had these kind of experience several times.

For you all who is born as a human being, I would like you to cherish getting in touch with the great nature more than before.


Just like how people of this country have always seen God within nature, God is certainly dwelling in the nature world. A sacred power is dwelling, and even God’s wisdom and message is existing there.


You have something called a body, and are living and proceeding your life. This body you have received, is also made from this Earth.


Amongst the factors that compose your body, the very precious essence of nature’s blessings are confined.


Therefore, if you wish to live your true being and express yourself, or be healthy, improve, cherish and maintain your body, the power of great nature is very important.


If you live in a crowded city you tend to crave for nature, and go out in the forest, mountain, sea and river. I think some of you have experienced this crave to get in touch with the great nature.


This shows that you are desiring the power of great nature, the Godly essence within nature, or the wisdom of the natural world.


And because your body is made from nature, by immersing yourself in the power and vibration of nature world, it will let you charge energy and vital power, and be able to recover to the most healthy, ideal and original state.


Hence, when you are separated from the power of nature and nature itself, you start to feel pain.

Yes it is true that your body is composed of natural essence and so you crave for nature,


But as the divine existence that you are, you very much need the divine power in the nature world.


What I feel very proud is the fact that many of your ancestors always saw God dwelling in nature.


They praised the mountain.

They saw and worshipped God within the river, sky, ground, each and every beautiful flowers. They were always grateful.


Your ancestors had such a heart and that was their very daily lives.

From the moment they woke up in the morning, in daytime, and at night when they went to sleep, they always saw it within nature. They always had gratitude for God, and they actually joined their hands in prayer and lived their lives.


That nature, that God dwelling in nature, and the hearts of human being has faded by development of civilized society.

People have forgotten to appreciate nature, and turn their eyes to God and his wisdom within nature world.


Thereby, people start to forget how divine an existence they truly are.

They fell into a life that detach the connection with the sacred ones.


The good news is there were people who didn’t forget and practiced in their lives, or people who kept on reminding others of its importance.

By spreading the words, it didn’t deracinate and remained within the people and within Earth.


However, at the present time, people’s heart are far far apart from the divinity within nature world.


Therefore, I would like you to recall.

The importance of getting in touch with nature in everyday life.

How it balances your body, heals your heart, and nurtures your soul.

How it reminds the divinity within you.


Please, I ask you to recall this.


If you do not have a chance to go out in the wild nature, you can open your heart to the beauty of the tree growing in street corner.

You can go take a look at the beautiful flowers.

You can buy some flowers for your house and get in touch with it.


Please get in touch with nature in daily life, and connect and unite with the divinity of nature world. I ask you to adopt this in your life as much as possible.


Getting in touch with the God in nature world, will bring back the Godly essences of your real self


The holiness dwelling in nature helps to bring back the holiness within you, it shall help to recall that you are a divine existence.


Not only that, but within the sea, within the river, within the trees, within each and every beautiful flowers, within insects and animals, there is an incredible wisdom and hidden mystery of God which you can never imagine.


Animals are not just plain animal, but in each and every one, there dwells God, and have a divine role, and hold their wisdom.


Amongst the beings we call animals, many are living a divine realm simultaneously with this physical realm, which you human beings cannot enter.

Many animals well know the world which you, who were born as a human being, do not know.


They are here to not only heal you, but they even have the role to help you with the wisdom they have.


We learn about the cycle of life.

The beautiful flowers and trees teaches us.

There are no flower nor tree that beautifully blooms forever without withering.

In order to bloom beautifully, there is a long period of perseverance to blossom that flower.


Bearing that long period of time, and waiting in patience, the flower blooms itself in the perfect timing. And the beautifully bloomed flower, never blooms forever.

Eventually, it shall wither.


This is teaching your life cycle itself.

Although there is a long and difficult time, it will inevitably blossom itself.

It teaches that it is an important period to blossom a flower in life.


On the other hand, there will surely be a blissful time when you see an amazing blossoming in life. Everything is going well and you think how can I be so happy?


However, it will not continue forever, and the time will come for its ending.

But the flowers’ withering is not the end of story. It shall go through another long winter to blossom the next flower.


Likewise, the plants, trees and flowers are teaching you about life.


The sea teaches you the importance and abundance of having a huge deep heart.

And no matter how advanced the science may progress, there even will be a completely unknown realm in the sea.


Mystery that is far beyond the power of human technology, is also hidden in the sea.

Same goes for the heart of humans.

No matter how much you think you have understood that person, you will never know what is there in the deepness of their heart.


Regardless of how it seems and regardless of how they act, they have something that you can never imagine. For each and every person, they all have that something.


Also, the sea teaches you to have a deep deep heart and give life to all, to have affection for all.

The sea teaches you the love to embrace them all.


Same for river, same for waterfall.

Same for insects, same for the beautiful blue sky.

The world of nature teaches you about Universe and divine facility.


Thus you can not only enhance your nature composed body to a higher state, but by getting in touch with nature, you can learn about life from the nature world.


Mystery of Universe, mystery of life, cycle of life…

Nature is a great master.


And now, by the modern humanity being separated from it, people are living far away from the natural facility of Universe and its cycle of mystery, which is empowering their ego.

Because people are drifting away from the natural cycle of Universe, they’re becoming ill.


For the sake of enhancing your divine quality, for the sake of living your life according to the Universal facility, I ask you to get in touch with great nature.


There is unbelievable wisdom in the nature world far more than you can ever imagine, and that wisdom is given to you so freely.


Go into the great nature and spend a quiet time.

Go to the beach and gaze at the ocean.

Just simply feel the love and vibration of the sea.


Go to the forest and listen to the birds sing.

Watch the beauty of sunlight through the trees, and feel the wind with your skin.

Listen, with the ear of your soul, the sound of the creaking ground whilst you walk through the woods.

Listen, with all your body and soul, to the sound that is brought to you by the lives of the forest.


You can gaze at the sky.

You can express appreciation to the morning sun when you wake up.

You can admire the beauty of the sky being colored by setting sun.


In the great nature, there is beautiful picture, beautiful sound, sensuous smell and taste.


When getting in touch with nature world, open your five senses.

Feel the holiness and wisdom that dwells through your five senses.

When you are going into nature world, open your eyes, open the eye of your heart, open your ear and open your senses.


The more you get in touch with the great nature, your essence and true self as a God, shall awaken.

Hence, your original power will soon overflow and be able to enhance your innate uniqueness and originality.


Because it is now a time when the connection of nature world and humans are sparse, please appreciate the great nature once again, get in touch, and always continue to regain your true natural being.

And please receive the God’s message that dwells there.


I am Goddess Isis.
I thank you for having the opportunity to come here and talk to you through this channler.

Today, you met Goddess Hathor.

Not only did you meet a goddess, but you experienced the godly wisdom and pure essence that is manifested within Goddess Hathor.

You experienced her wisdom, received it, and it was awaken within yourself as well.

The divine essence manifested within Goddess Hathor you received today, has a very important meaning.

It will be an important key for the upcoming time, and for each of your individual lives.

It is no exaggeration to say that depending on the utilization of this key, there will be a significant difference in this world.

I would like you to understand the importance not with your mind but actually and truthfully, and live your life with its energy and essence.

By the godly power, wisdom and essence you just received from Goddess Hathor, something has awaken within you.

A transmutation has happened within you.

Do you feel it?

It is, to enjoy.
It is, to laugh and enjoy all things in life.
And I am not talking about a reaction towards something.

When you feel joy, it is a reaction happening within you, a sensation or feeling arousing within in response to something you experienced.

However, I am not trying to tell you about a reaction to something, but an action you create with a proactive attitude.

Therefore, it is not ‘fun’ but ‘to have fun’.

I want something fun.
I want something that makes me happy.

Oh, that event was really fun.
…In your life, haven’t the opposite side gained more weight?

Indeed, you have numerous experience, relate to many people, get diverse sensations, and feel various things.

I am not asking you to eliminate those passive reactions.
It naturally and necessarily happen in diverse aspects of life.

I am not asking to deny those reaction, but I am asking you to create them under your initiative.

Happy and fun experiences in life.
Of course, you feel happiness, joy, and bliss.

That is easy.
It will naturally happen.

However, instead, when you are in pain, hardship and conflict,
When you are in a crucial situation, hurt, misery, the greatest despair,

In those times, it is of course important to express and accept those honest painful feelings without denying.

In times, it is important to cry.
It is important to honestly speak out ‘I am suffering.’

However, once you have accepted it without denial, you shall experience even that with a smile.

The more painful and sorrowful you are, you shall laugh.

Why not enjoy the various dramas in life?

Here, there is something to be careful.

I am not insisting to ignore yourself who is in pain, and pretend to be happy, or to falsify it with a laughter.

That is a weird way to use energy, and it will make yourself suffer more.

I am saying to face and embrace your emotion.
Heal and reflect upon yourself, and accept that experience.
Be receptive, but still, laugh.

Laugh and enjoy, saying ‘Oh, what an experience am I having!’
‘I am happy that life offers me so many things.’
‘What a misfortune was I able to taste!’

Whilst accepting and acknowledging your emotion, enjoy it as a drama in your life.
I ask for you and all people on Earth, to have such autonomy.

This channeler was using the keyword ‘kingdom’ whilst speaking to you.
I sincerely hope you to create an amazing kingdom in life.

I hope you manifest an amazing world that you desire on Earth.

That is the very purpose, reason and mission, you were born on Earth.
And because I want you to live in happiness.

However, can you really create your amazing kingdom and world with a passive attitude?
Can you really do it by reacting to the happenings in life?

We all know that is never possible.

The things you want to manifest, the amazing world you desire to create before your eyes, your kingdom, is something you create with an autonomous attitude.

You will never establish a kingdom with reacting and being passive.

The relationship with many people, things happening in your reality, lessons appearing in life that is given to you from universe.

Although a reaction shall happen within you,

Although you receive it, and experience the emotion and thoughts arousing within yourself as a reaction,

You shall enjoy the relationship, the events, and the reality in front of you, as a movie scene of your life.

Such people who take responsibility of their life, will see a great awakening of creation power, and surly be able to create your original kingdom.

Those who live with too much of reacting, have the tendency to blame all things to others.
The society is not good, the country is not good, the politic is not good,
The period of time is not good, the people around me is not good…

However, instead, the things happening in life is all your responsibility.
So you shall engage in the happenings in life with autonomy and responsibility.

Change it.

Work on it.

Enjoy it.

Challenge it.

Take actions.

You are responsible of your life.

Your life, is a delightful movie which you live as the amazing main character.

No one else, can live your life.
No one else, even God nor myself can live your life or can change your life.

You are the director, leading actor, and script.

You can even give acting direction.
When you start to take responsibility for you and your life, and have a commitment,
When you are determined to enjoy all of it, and when you actually do enjoy it,
A miracle in its true meaning, will actually start to happen in your life.

Blame the people, blame the society, blame the time…
If you blame it on others, no miracle shall happen to your life.

Create a miracle in life.

A great story shall now begin and develop further.

Or, you can live a boring life, a life without any manifestation.

It can be such a story for your movie.
You are the one to choose.

You are the leading role for your life,
You are the director and playwright,
You are the costumer, you can direct acting.

What type of leading role would you want for yourself to play?
What sort of story do you wish to develop?

Before I heard this channeler use the keyword ‘vision.’
If this was to be said according to a movie, it means what type of story would you like to unfold? How do you like the ending to be?

If you live in a passive and reactive attitude, the story will be all dependent upon other people or other things.

What kind of an ending would you like your movie to have?

The story until now, and the story of the next chapter.
How would you like to unfold the next part of your movie?

The story until now.
Please take a look at the movie of your life, up until this point.

There were painful and miserable things.
There were happy and surprising things.
There were things you do not wish to remember.
Many things happened.

However, all of it is an indispensable scene for the movie of your life.
What kind of story do you wish to depict?
What kind of kingdom do you wish to create?

Enjoy each and every aspect of life.
Even the painful and miserable things,
You shall enjoy it as an important scene of the movie.

The drama in life, the relationship with various people, all happenings in reality,
Regardless of what it is, you shall enjoy it.

Goddess Hathor sincerely hoped you to recall such essence,
She insisted to see you today, and so she contacted you.

The door within you, the door to enjoy everything in life,
It was important to open that door, and she wished to do that role.

This door has opened within you.
If you experience despair or pain in life, please connect with Goddess Hathor.

Enjoy all things in life proactively.

Goddess Hathor shall once again recall its importance for you.

Meanwhile, please do not wait to have fun.
From this very moment, enjoy everything in life

Such a person is around me, oh what a fun!
I had such an experience, oh how delightful!

Enjoy this very day.
Enjoy tomorrow, the very next day.

Having fun means,

To love, accept, and fully experience everyone and every relationship you encounter in life, all experience in life, and all of yourself.

Are you loving and experiencing your being, your life, the happenings in life, and the people you encounter to this extent?

It requires quite a fate to encounter someone.
If it’s not important for you, it shall not happen in reality.
All is an important story for your movie.

Everyone you meet in life, is a character indispensable for your movie, or your life.
Do not forget that you are the leading actor.

For everyone, the leading actor for their movie, is themselves.

What is the movie you wish to create?
Clarify that vision, and fully experience, love and enjoy everything in your life.

To live is something to be enjoyed, and life is something to be enjoyed.
Even if you worry and suffer, your soul is enjoying it.

You are here on Earth to enjoy variety of experiences.
Please keep this in mind, and from this very moment on,

Enjoy yourself, and your life.

I am Goddess Isis.

I thank you for the opportunity to communicate to you through this channeler.


Now I am recalling the mighty kingdom which you call the ancient civilization of Egypt.

I am nostalgically recalling its highly developed civilization, especially the time when it was in the midst of its construction.

It was an amazing world, shimmering in golden light.


People were awaken, and everyone demonstrated each of their marvelous quality.

People’s power was fully utilized and put into practice.

It was gathered in one, creating and developing as a huge and magnificent nation.


As you know, there exists something called a pyramid.

One of its purpose is to indicate the route course of people’s attainment to the height of heaven.


The significance of the existence of pyramid, and its actual identity are hidden, however, one of the meaning of a pyramid, is that it indicates to reach as high as heaven.


Human being is constantly climbing the path to a higher level, aiming to reach heaven high, in other words, the great existence you call God.

It can be said, that you are in training to reach enlightenment.


Constantly climbing each stairs in order to reach God.

Making a firm step, one after another.

Then, one is able to reach God.


That is life, and that is how you are anticipated to live life.

It also implicates such a message.

And there is no shortcut.


There is no shortcut to reach the top, but you have to steadily climb each one of the huge rocks.

It may be a severe process.


You may be aware if you have actually climbed the humongous pyramid in the land of Egypt, that each stairs are made of gigantic rocks.

There are many rocks that are taller than your height.


Climbing each of them means, it will be a big step for it is not a small stair.

It may not be easy, however if you persevere, it is possible to climb them, one by one.


This can indeed be compared to your life.

You are constantly growing in life.

Challenges are always given from your guardian entities, for the sake of your growth.


If you clear that challenge, it means that you steadily climbed the big rock and proceeded ahead.

Thus, as indicated in the rocks of pyramid, the lessons that appear in life can often be huge and difficult to climb.


However, if you do not climb each of the challenge that come, you will not reach the next step.

The same goes for your life.

I assume lessons are coming to your life in various forms, like human relationship, work and many more.


Because you do not like the lesson that have appeared before your eyes, you look away or pretend not to see it, the lesson shall appear over and over again, in different place and person.

I think you are already aware of this.


The things you should learn at that very moment, appears in its perfect timing.

Regardless of you disliking and avoiding it, it will constantly appear in your life until you overcome.


Let’s say it was someone you have difficulty dealing.

Someone you dislike appears, and you have to deal with them.

You can choose to not have a relationship, not associate because you dislike them.


However, even if you cut that person off, you may have experienced an emergence of totally different person but whom you dislike appearing in a similar situation.

Like this, even if you try to avoid the challenge you must overcome at that point, it will inevitably be given to you from the Universe.


If you steadily face and learn from that individual you dislike, of course, the time will come for the relationship to come to an end.

Until today, you must have met people you dislike, and have experienced the end of its relationship.


They leave because the lesson between you and that person completed.

If you shun that relationship lesson, the same lesson will appear in different situation and person.


However, if you face and deal with it, that someone will become not so difficult, or realize that it is okay for you to dislike, or forgive yourself to feel that way, and still be able to create peace.

Like this, when you have learnt something from it, conversely, that person disappears.


In this way, you are always given trials that make you grow and make you a bigger person through that lesson.

That is what each of the pyramid stairs are representing.


When you have overcome each of the stairs, or the challenge of life lessons, you are able to invite a higher level of lesson, the lesson that is only given because you have overcome the present lesson.


For pyramids, when you climb one huge rock, a new rock appears.

You cannot reach the top without overcoming the present rock.

In this way, a challenge will come to your life for the sake of your growth, just like the stairs of pyramid.


When you confront, engage and learn from each of them, you are able to arrive at a higher level in life.

If you firmly climb those stairs, one day you surly will reach the very top.


Have you ever reached the pyramid top or mountain top?

How amazing and beautiful was the scenery before your eyes?

Those of you who have this experience, would probably remember.

That sense of accomplishment, happiness, and refreshment when you reached the very top.

Do some of you recall this sentiment?


If you earnestly confront life one by one, if you do not run away but love and face your own life, you shall surly arrive at the mountain top.


There, you will find joy.

You will see beautiful view.

You will feel accomplishment.

You will find a greater you, who broke one’s shell so many times, and completed a higher wonderful caliber.


The reason why I am telling you this, is because now on Earth, there are many people that is in despair because of the huge rock that have appeared before their eyes, and refuse to work on that challenge.


Or, not only are there many people running away from the unfavorable person, difficulty, and hard experience,


But victimize themselves and say that the other person is wrong, or blame the society for unhappiness by bringing such an adversity.

People blame the unpleasant others, and blame something other than themselves,


They are just making it an excuse to not work on the trial that have come to you.

I see so many people making an escape.


Like I have mentioned, if you just escape, the same challenge will inevitably appear in different person and situation.

In a sense, no one can escape from their life.

Not only that, but you were the very one who decided to grow through experiencing life.


Not only can you not look away from your destiny and life, but blame on what has appeared.

You receive it as a victim and criticize the society, people around you, your destiny, God and Universe, and do nothing after all.


You justify yourself with the excuse saying it is them, the ones that are making you uncomfortable and miserable, are to blame.

For some reason, recently, I often see a lot of this phenomenon.


The responsibility of your life lies only on you.

You are the one attracting everything that come.

No matter how hard and miserable a challenge that may be from a perspective of human being, your soul originally chose it for the sake of your growth.

That is appearing before.


Thus, you are the one who have decided and triggered off the people that appear and things that happen.

Therefore, there is no better way than to appreciate.

No matter how the challenge may be disagreeable, painful and mournful, because it is such an experience, you will certainly see growth.


Will you grow if you are only with the ones you love, the comfortable and happy ones?

Will you grow if you lived in a peaceful world free of pain, sorrow and difficulty?


Like the expression “peace-blind,” people do not grow by soaking in a lukewarm water of peace.

But you have took the trouble to come down on Earth, in order to grow and learn.


Thus the things appearing in your life, are those that you have chosen and triggered off because you decided to grow through it.


When you earnestly and humbly learn, cope and accept the challenge, lesson and relationship with the unpleasant ones, there certainly will be a growth.


That is why you shall appreciate everything you have chosen and brought about in life.

So please, work on the given trial and make yourself grow.


Like each one of the pyramid stairs, when you sincerely face and work on each of the life trials, you surely will arrive at the pyramid top and see yourself greatly matured.


Even for the relationship and happenings that you once thought was trouble and painful, there shall be a sense of appreciation saying I was able to become this big thanks to those life events.


Therefore, please thank whatever that may happen in life.

And do not look away, but work on it.

When you live life in such attitude, there will no longer be any suffering or misery in its true definition.


You can grow from all things in life, and in that sense, everything is a precious and blissful experience.

By always having appreciation to all things in life, your life will be filled with joy and there will be no pain or misery.

You will no longer comprehend it as so.


And whatever that may come in life, it will become an adventure.

Feeling that it’s grateful and pleasant, anticipating how you can change and grow.

You will start to enjoy the process.


I ask you to enjoy life, saying that it is fun and interesting to all things that happen and all people you encounter.

That is the way of life you aim for, and it is certainly possible.


When you enjoy the relationship with the people you meet, enjoy all the happenings in life, and enjoy everything in life,


Then the people around you will start to be influenced.

They will want to live like you.

They will notice that it is actually possible to enjoy everything in life.


In other words, your attitude itself which you enjoy and appreciate everything, will help the people around you, and be an amazingly wonderful service.


Thus you should live your joy.

If you live in joy, the people who saw the brightness will be inspired to live their life with joy.

A positive spiral will be created.


So please, live in joy.

Appreciate everything and enjoy living life.

Every day and every moment, please actually live as so.

That, is the world I want to see.

I am Goddess Isis.
I have descended in this channeler’s body to talk to you through her.

First, I would like to express my gratitude for this precious opportunity.
Thank you for asking for me, thank you for calling for me.

Observing your energy, the energy on the ground of Earth, the energy of this land,
and the energy of the culture of this country, I see it is now in a vortex of very very large blessing.

I see a light of great blessing overflowing the aura of each and every one, all land, the whole country, and many countries of the world.

Of course, this is because you are celebrating the New Year, wishing health and happiness, and especially because you are directly calling upon the higher beings whom you call God.

By this, a light of blessing is overflowing your present energy and the land you stand.

This is very pleasing, and is a desirable situation that a strong light is greatly shining on Earth.

However, although there are days which you live in true pure heart and is devout, divine, celebrating New Year, praying for health, longevity, abundance, success, fertility, and all the good,

Nevertheless inside yourself as a human being, there exists a heart that forget all the above, as well as ego and weakness.

Although you are able to create this much of amazing light on Earth, it is your usual pattern to descend from that high level of consciousness again.

That is actually not a bad thing.
However, falling out from the sense of being one with God, is very low as a vibration,

And the sense of losing to ego or weakness, is a low energy that is different from your true state, and it is something that creates a negative spiral.

However, such sense is inborn within all.

I mentioned that it is not a bad thing, however ego and the state contradictory to being one with God, that is to say the sense of having doubt to divinity and invisible force

Those are inside all human beings, however,

It is a helpful sense for you in regards to overcoming those aspects, and to know that when you live in such consciousness you will not receive true success nor abundance.

I see many people, especially in this country, are visiting Shrine in this time of year.

In other words, many people are paying a visit to see God.

However, as you know, the God you are visiting is,
in each Shrine, different Gods are enshrined and worshiped.

As for the Local Deity which protect that land, they do exist as a God to protect the land and the faithful ones who visit the place,

As you are aware, however, even if you go visit Gods to such Shrines, there is only Goshinkyo or the holy mirror.

Goshinkyo, in other words, is a mirror (ka-ga-mi),

The teaching of God in your country tells, when you let go of self (ga), you are God (ka-mi).
And it is indeed yourself shown in the mirror.

You came to see God.

However, it is already there, it is there when you are able to let go of self or ego, you are a God.

Such teaching is passed on especially to the people of this country, and you are paying a visit for its confirmation.

In order for you to live as a God, in order to let go of self, and confirm that God is not out there but within,

And to confirm that you are God, you pay visit to see God.

I believe you were already aware of this.

It is a wonderful thing that you are doing such confirmation in this time of year.

I am very much pleased.

Just like the teaching, to live as the God that you are, means to conquer the ego and evil within yourself, by yourself.

You are paying a visit to see God for this sake, in other words, paying a visit to see yourself.

However, many people always forget this.

Conquering ego, evil, and weakness born within, is not something easy.

Though actually, it is not difficult, however, it is very easy to choose reality or choose words being conquered by those things.

That is what fill this world with evil, create confusion, and spread anxiety.
Or create something to protect yourself from sense of insecurity and fear.

A negative spiral is created.

You were called to come to Earth.

Especially those of you called in this time, you have a contract with God to end the old time and create a new and wonderful world, manifest a wonderful world on this ground which can be expressed as Heaven on Earth.

It is for you to keep questioning what a new and wonderful world is,

However, it is a world that can only be created if everyone is able to conquer ego and live as God.

To create such a world, you always have to overcome the evil and self within you.

 Isn’t the world that you wish to create on Earth, a delightful world where everyone can live their beauty and greatness?

To construct such wonderful world, a world where all people can live as God.
It is a world where everyone can conquer their ego.

You, the creator of amazing Utopia, Heaven on Earth, if you wish to construct such a world, you must live as a God.

To live as a God, means to conquer self, ego, weakness and evil.

There is no other way.

When you make a choice according to your self and ego,

When you are defeated by negativity, fear, anxiety, anger, or judgement,
When you live by those things, you are living in a state that is unlikely of God.

If you construct a world with such energy, it will become a world with such energy.

However, as you are aware, I assume you have been working on this until today.

Was it easy? I think it was not easy.

Conquering your ego, evil, negativity, anger, judgement, jealousy, fear and always live your great good as a God.

Expressing your unique greatness.

Was it easy to keep living like this?

I think it was not easy.
I think it will continue to not be easy.
It is that much easy to lose to your ego.

However, if you live reality conquered by your ego, negativity and evil,
You probably are already aware that you will never invite joy, happiness, true success, or abundance to your life.

New Year has begun for you, a new cycle has started.

At this very timing, what I would like to ask you is to live as a God.

To live as a God means to love, cherish, and express the wonderful nature you have as a God.

To do your original work of good, every day and every moment,
To express your unique excellence.
And to live a life of happiness, yourself.

And, it is to not let those that hinder your way, your ego, weakness, anger, and fear, be the winner.

In this time of year, you and many others in this country and the world are celebrating New Year, expressing gratitude to God, paying a deliberate visit to see God.

It is a time filled with light.

I ask you to make this sensation not only for this time of year, but to live it every day.

Always be grateful to the Divine, and use your gift to contribute to the people and world.

In other words, to live an amazing life as a God will bring true abundance to life.

Those things that hinder your path to live as a God, are born within you.

You must defeat them.

It is not easy, but is it impossible?
It is not impossible.

I already mentioned that this evil, ego, self within you, are not a bad thing.
It will continue to bother you.

It will continue to get in your way.

By this, I know you shall struggle.

However, you can continue to fight saying I mustn’t lose to them.

Because there are such obstacles, you are able to keep on striving to not be hindered by them, let go of ego, and choose to live as a God.

In that sense, what we call ego is not something bad.

If your ego disappears and are able to live as a God with ease, that may be wonderful.

However, life is a place for training.

Life is the amazing path to become God, reach God.

Regardless of the hindrances that may come from within, will you always be able to live as a God?

Will you be able to express your greatness as a God?

Will you be able to love the people, reality and life in front of your eyes?

Will you be able to speak words of love to the people you meet?

Will you be able to express your good for the sake of the world?

Like this, you, a God, are constantly tested your way of life as a God.

Every year in this season, both you and Earth is shining from this wonderful light that is overflowing from yourselves.

It is possible to live every day in this condition.

So, I ask you to pray to God and go visit God, not only the start of a new year but as a daily practice.

When I reflect upon your history, there were such time.

In various ancient civilization, and in my beloved ancient civilization of Egypt, people always went to temple and pray to God.

In your country, in this country called Japan, people used to see God in all things, in all creation.

People found God inside the mountain, the beautiful flowers, the small rock lying on the street, the flowing river, the sky, the star… people saw God in everything and expressed their gratitude.

Indeed, that was people’s way of life itself.

Today, many people have lost this.

It needs to be regained. Not superficially, but truly from the heart.

You need to live such wat of life.

You need to live like a God, in its true definition.

If not, the new and wonderful world cannot be created.

Please be ready for this.

It may not be easy, but it is not impossible.

Because, you already are a God.

You have been a God, you are a God now, and you eternally will be a God.

Please love and express yourself living as a God, the beauty and splendor as a God, and everything that you have as a God.

When each and every one of you are able to do this, a Heaven on Earth shall manifest on this ground.

It all starts from you.

Please fulfill this Earth as a God.