I am Goddess Isis.

I would like to deliver my message through this channeler.

Now, I think you are aware of the existence of a pyramid.

I think you also know that there are many structures built in resemblance of the pyramid on Earth.

Meanwhile in the vegetable kingdom, it does not equal to a pyramid but there are giant trees growing toward heaven with its top in point shape.

There is a reason for them to be shaped as they are.

For the pyramid, many people questioned why they exist on Earth, the reason of existence, and what its role may be.

Many speculation and research were done.

Both the pyramid and the huge point shaped trees that resembles a pyramid, are greatly related to the Universe.

In a sense, it is an antenna to receive Universal energy and Universal wisdom.

If they did not exist on Earth, Universal wisdom cannot be delivered down on Earth.

In the Universe, there are extraordinary high wisdom that goes far beyond your imagination, and there are technologies that are only found in the Universe.

Those are only given to people and planets that are ready.

If one is given something that cannot be handled nor understood, that only creates a confused situation.

For example, if you are given a textbook of a University student when you are just a small child, you will not understand a thing and it becomes nothing but a waste.

Extraordinary power, wisdom and technology exists in the Universe but it is like sitting on a gold mine to give them away.

Therefore the Universe is delivering what is necessary, according to the level of spiritual growth of each planet and the living entity there.

In order to provide Universal wisdom and power to the planet and its living entity, a circuit and a receiver is needed.

There are many aspects and roles of a pyramid, and one is to receive Universal wisdom.

You may be surprised, but the pointed trees growing toward the heaven also has a similar role.

They do not have the exact same function as pyramids, but they have deep connection with the Universe and are shaped as so.

Moreover, pyramid itself has the capability to make a judgement.

It even has the control skill to decide how it should send the received Universal energy to the realms of Earth.

Then, it delivers that energy to each areas according to its necessity.

The spiritual power of a pyramid is essential for the Universe to constantly watch over and support the spiritual growth of the living entities on that planet,

And to provide wisdom, power and technology to help their further growth whenever it is needed.

The pyramid is indispensable to the progression process of the Universe and planet.

For this sake, the pyramid was placed as a receiver on the ground of Earth, long time ago, longer than you can ever imagine.

In the land of my beloved hometown Egypt, numbers of this receiver was placed.

As you know, this receiver was also placed in many other locations of Earth.

It is keeping good balance with planet Earth, a living entity itself, and is receiving energy.

It is surly programmed to send out the received energy to every corner and living entities on Earth.

This circuit was created long time ago.

Meanwhile, the water energy covering the planet Earth is also greatly related to this energy programming.

The water element of this planet, holds a great spiritual power itself.

Also for you, a human being who is born to make spiritual evolution on this planet, your body is mostly composed of water element.

Water element conveys vibration.

When an energy is given, a wave or a movement is born there.

When you go to a pond and throw a rock or something, it’s not just the rock drowning in water,

But the impact is communicated to the water surface and a wave is born.

I assume you are well aware of this.

Like this, the water element has the function to transmit and deliver.

This mechanism is existing inside your body.

There are many roles and significance about huge area of this planet being covered with the water element.

One of them is, to convey an energy.

This planet and your body has the mechanism to convey, communicate and vibrate an energy.

And this mechanism is usefully serving to absorb, give and receive various kind of energy

An enormous power and wisdom comes from the Universe to pyramid.

The Universal power and wisdom is delivered from the pyramid to this planet and to the people who needs it,

Meanwhile inside yourselves, there are various energy systems such as aura and chakra,

The water element within your body structure functions to receive that Universal energy.

Thus, the water and water element inside your body is serving as the receiver to receive vibration of diverse energies.

However, if the water element inside your body is stained, have a rough vibration, or is contaminated with toxin, that will be a disturbance to serve as a receiver.

There are beautiful oceans all over the world, however many of them are in a dirty condition.

The ocean, a realm of important spiritual power, the vibration of ocean is rough and polluted.

This is of course not a good thing.

I sincerely hope the vast and immense ocean of this planet to regain its beautiful and unpolluted water.

It is not impossible to clean up the polluted ocean.

You can remove toxin and polluting elements.

In fact, each and every one of you is expressing the planet Earth.

Majority of your body is made of the water element.

As if each and every one of you is embodying the planet Earth inside your body, your body has a similar formation as this planet.

Same for the water element inside you.

Due to various reasons, the vibration has roughened and toxin has accumulated.

Like the toxin of Earth, it is not impossible to remove the toxin from your body.

Take in water of high vibration and quality.

Remove and clear the toxin accumulated inside your body.

If you steadily do this, the water element in your body shall be cleansed and purified.

It shall gradually regain its original spiritual power and high vibration.

When I look at the people on this planet, I see great amount of toxin piled up in the water element of their body, just like the ocean.

More and more Universal energy shall come down from now and on.

You are dashing into a new era together with this planet.

It is not the old time, you are already living in a realm of higher vibration.

From now, very high entities of the Galaxy and Universe are preparing to give you wisdom and power that has never been delivered before.

However, if Earth and the human body, which is the Earth for you, are polluted, their wisdom and energy cannot be well conveyed.

Now is the time to cleanse, purify your body, and to raise the vibration.

Each and every one of you are to activate your spirituality, awaken as Gods, and change from living as a human being to a God.

The time will change to live your true self.

It is time to create a totally different world from the past, it is time to create a world with high vibration.

In that world, wisdom and technology delivered from Universe shall be utilized effectively.

It is now time for you to receive the wisdom and technology which the masters of Universe and Galaxy wishes to give to you.

However, if the water element inside you is contaminated, you cannot well receive them.

You need to purify your body.

Spiritual awakening is very important.

I would like you to cleanse your body, the receiver, raise its vibration and receive an extraordinary Universal wisdom and technology which has never been received by the human race before.

I would like you to clean and heighten yourself.

If not, regardless of how much technology and wisdom Universal beings wish to convey for you to use for the sake of the new world, the process of receiving itself would be impossible.

Thus, now it is greatly required for the human beings to cleanse their body including heart and spirit.

For that sake, purifying your body, such information, how important it is to raise this awareness…

I am very happy that these things are getting more and more attention in your society.

Please pour quality water into your body, and wash away the toxins accumulated inside.

Please take plenty of time to surly purify your body, and please raise vibration of your body.

No matter how high a mentality you achieve, how much your spirituality open up, how much a spiritual awakening you may experience,

If your body, the dwelling place for you as a God, is polluted,

A gap is born, and it will be difficult to receive higher energy.

As much as clearing the heart, raising mentality, and opening up spirituality is important,

In the upcoming time, it is truly important to purify and raise vibration of your body, the vessel which support all of the above.

Be healthy.

Body is a vital spiritual vessel for you.

It is an indispensable measure for you to complete your mission.

Please raise your awareness further.

In order to exercise your quality as a God, please cleanse the water element inside your body.