I am Goddess Isis.

It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to communicate to you, through this channeler.

The water flow of Nile River, and its abundance

I would like you to always remember and recall this.

Nile is a flow of the great river.

It is demonstrating the Universal abundance, and the Universal Law of never ending flow of prosperity.

Not all rivers on the ground of Earth have such spiritual meaning and exist as a symbolic figure.

However the Nile River, the rich river of ancient Egypt, is showing the Universal Law.

It also represents the never stopping energy flow in Universe, the energy of abundance.

It is indicating that Universe is always fulfilled with abundance, and abundance is a flow.

It is wanting to freely give and be received by the beloved children of Earth.

In that sense, Nile is a great father.

You all wish to know the truth of Universe.

You all wish to know the Universal Law, and live a happy life according to it.

Indeed, Nile River exists from the ancient days to teach you Universal Law.

It exists on this ground as the father of mighty flow of love that is openly giving and nurturing.

The Universal flow is abundance and there is never a deficiency.

Abundance is a flow.

A flow is something that keeps on running, and it never stops nor stays.

In other words, if you wish to live by the Universal Law of abundance and enjoy its prosperity, it is absolutely vital to continuously change and move,

To keep on shifting the situation without any stoppage, and continue to keep on living life.

However in times, upon living life of a human being, you often feel

‘I don’t want to move, I want to stay’

‘I don’t want to change, I am afraid to transform myself’

However, the more you stay, the more you stop something and try to maintain the status quo,

The more you conflict with the Universal Law of never ending flow, and you will not be able to synchronize with the Universal Law.

Of course, there is something called biorhythm.

From the ancient times, even Nile River had times when it overflew and delivered rich nutrition to downstream, and in other times it decreased its water level.

In times, it became calm with less water and steady flow.

Nevertheless, there was biorhythm for rivers as well.

Therefore, same can be said for your life,

There are times when you shouldn’t make dynamic movements but rather be quiet.

There are times when you shouldn’t start something new but maintain a calm flow.

However, this is just something necessary from the aspect of biorhythm, and it does not mean a complete stoppage.

It is a necessary biorhythmic phase to be in quiet calm state before the arrival of a big flow or after its arrival, and that does not mean a stoppage.

If you wish for a complete stoppage, or does not make moves due to fear although the very timing is here, you will conflict with the Universal Law.

You will diverge from the true abundance and successful flow of Universe.

As a result, you will create stagnation in your life.

From the ancient times, Nile has always shown you the flow of Universe.

Whether it is a big flow or a tender quiet flow, it is always running without a stop.

Likewise, your life is always as so.

There are times for big moves, whereas there are times for calm quiet moves.

However, it is always flowing.

It is always moving.

Whether it is big or small, there is growth and change.

Every day and every moment, when you are making movements in life in that fluid flow, you are steadily living according to the Universal Law.

And your life shall head toward Universal abundance and success, in its true Universal meaning.

It may seem easy, yet it does have difficult aspects.

This is because, when you embrace life philosophy through life experience, or when you develop understanding about various things in life,

It becomes a fixed conception inside you.

On the other hand, the flow of Universe continuously changes.

The truth you understood and embraced yesterday, may no longer be the truth today.

In order to live by the Universal Law of constant change, progress and flow, and for you to experience true success and growth through living that Universal Law,

It is important to have flexibility to even accept the collapse of truth and concept you embraced until yesterday.

Therefore, for those who can always let go of conceptions, preconceived ideas and values from themselves, shall see many new things coming into their lives or have space to invite more mature and wonderful things.

The values and understanding of Universal truth you grasp from life experience, can actually be your savior.

However, regardless of how great a savior it was, someone who can let it go without being caught, are the truly strong ones.

One who can steadily embrace values and philosophy that support themselves, yet is prepared to let it go and is able to open themselves to something new,

Shall be the ones who can constantly grow and obtain the strength to always invite something better into their lives.

It often is accompanied with fear to let go of what you have understood or achieved.

However, when you are able to release it without too much attachment,

It will make space for the new and better to come in.

You can simply understand this as not being caught to the person you were in the past.

Take a look at the cells of your body.

Cells always die once it serve its role.

And a new cell is constantly born.

If you are attached and cannot release the old cell resulting in the old cell to stay, there shall be no space for the new cell to be born.

Even your body cell connotes the Universal Law and is teaching you the vital life process of destruction and regeneration.

One who is truly strong is someone who is not caught by the past, who is not caught by the person they were until yesterday, who is not even caught by the truth they were finally able to obtain through their life experience,

But someone who can constantly empty themselves.

They will be the ones to continuously change and transform themselves,

And that is exactly the life that truly synchronize with the Universal Law, continuously grow, and constantly invite better things into life.

Like the continuous flow, like the ever changing flow of water,

To live according to the fluid flow, is exactly the life that meets the Universal Law.

As the father who give unconditional love and prosperity to the beloved children of Earth, Nile has demonstrated the Universal Law to you since the ancient times.

However, father Nile is fully aware that his children of Earth has fear to change, and is afraid to let go of what they already have.

But at the same time, he wishes for you to truly understand and master that the more you can let go, the more you can receive.

Nile represents the Milky Way.

What kind of a figure does the Milky Way represent in the Universe?

The realm of Milky Way is in charge of Universal wisdom.

All stars that exist there, are each holding a specific Universal wisdom.

From the ancient times, Nile has shown that the Milky Way, which is filled with Universal wisdom, also exist on Earth,

Nile has always indicated that it exists as a transcript of the Milky Way.

This means, the flow of Universe is filled with wisdom.

Those who surrender to the flow of Universe, shall receive the wisdom of Universe.

Each time Nile flooded in ancient Egypt, it carried great nutrition from the headwaters to downstream.

Flooding of Nile was not only a disaster, but also a phenomenon to provide abundance for the people to survive and protect their lives.

In the upcoming times, we wish you to discover the way of life that receive the unconditional abundance, live according to the Universal Law and live with the true Universal prosperity.

There is no deficiency in Universe.

Universe is full of prosperity and joy.

It is up to you, whether you choose to live according to that Universal Law.

I truly wish all humanity on Earth to understand the flow and law of true Universal abundance,

And to enjoy the infinite Universal prosperity by surrendering to the flow.

One major reason for this is because I am truly unfortunate that too many sad incidents and wars are happening on Earth, because of the conception of ‘there is a shortage.’

Universe is filled with prosperity.

If one truly lives in that prosperity, all human beings on Earth can abundantly share and yet fulfill their heart, body and life.

You will be able to share abundance amongst all, and realize a society filled with prosperity.

However, the idea of deficiency leads one to acquire abundance for themselves, resulting in war, fight, deception and robbery.

Phenomenon with polar opposite direction from the Universal Law is happening in the society of Earth.

Based on such conception, it is materializing further poverty and shortage.

In the upcoming time, I want you to truly understand the Universal Law.

In order to do so, you shall open up to the Universe and Universal Law, and choose to live along its flow.

When more people understand the Universal Law, and choose to surrender and live along that flow,

People will be able to live abundance itself, and it shall materialize as reality in the society.

In order to manifest a prosperous society where everyone is fulfilled with abundance, it starts from the action of each person.

The Universal Law of abundance.

By meditating upon this through Nile of ancient Egypt,

You will receive the spiritual wisdom and power of Nile, and you shall live your life along with the Universal Law of abundance.

When you gain true understanding of this, and when you are able to live along with the Universal Law and Universal abundance,

This world shall ascend to the next dimension.

In a sense, in the current time, people are further awakening in a cool-headed state, people are awakening to the Universal Law, and not only do they understand it as a knowledge,

But shall practically proceed their daily life according to that Universal Law.

By doing so everyone shall share abundance and materialize a great world.

It is now the time to transfer to this state.

You are now transferring to the time that manifest this state.

Will you truly be able to root the Universal Law on this ground and manifest a society accordingly?

Or, will you continue on generating poverty and deficiency, and continue the society that create injustice?

All of you in this generation, are facing a major crossroad.

Depending on which one you choose, which society to be manifested on ground shall be determined.

Currently, the humanity on Earth are being provided of Universal Law and Universal truth by further opening up their spirituality.

Those who are readily prepared, are understanding and receiving them one after another.

Many people are opening up their spirituality and is getting in touch with Universal truth.

However, it is up to you whether you actually choose it, and actually put it into practice.

And beyond that choice and action lies which society shall be created by the people on the ground of Earth.

Now is such a time.

Many people on Earth are opening up their spirituality more and more.

Many people are being conscious of Universe and are awakening to the esoteric truth of Universe.

I am very happy about this.

However, just being awaken is still not enough to change the world.

Upon understanding the Universal truth and law, what choice will you make in daily life?

What actions will you take?

Will you take any actions?

Even if you know and understand as knowledge, if you do not make choice or take actions, nothing will change.

I am very happy that many people are opening up their spirituality.

However upon that, what you choose and what actions you take is more vital.

What kind of world do you want to manifest?

And how would you understand the Universal Law and how would you live along with it?

This is now being questioned.

Please take time and meditate on Nile of ancient Egypt, the father who always demonstrated the Universal Law.

Direct your attention and connect with its spiritual power.

Surrender yourself to the Universal Law, and live a life that is continuously flowing.

Be with the eternal prosperity of Universe.

I sincerely wish that you make choice and take action to materialize such amazing society.