I am Goddess Isis.

I would like to talk to you through this channeler.


Right now, there is a huge, huge darkness in this planet Earth.

Of course, it has always existed in the past and it will never disappear in future.

If you direct your attention to that darkness, you shall probably feel fear and anxiety.


Dishonest politics, unpredictable economy, people’s heartless words and actions, sad incidents…


Darkness greatly exists within the people and society, and because of that you must have felt insecure, became hopeless, sometimes got hurt and grieved.


Right now, especially in this period of time, it is vital to face this darkness, and also to confront your inner darkness.


Usually, people do not want to face their darkness like broken hearts and negative minds, of course.


However I venture you to face it, because we are in this very period of time.


Steadily accepting that darkness exists within you and in this world, is vital for you to grow and develop from now and on.


In the first place, why do darkness exist?

There are many that are conquered by and have fallen to dark, negative and evil energy.


Also for you, for many times you must have experienced the dark and evil energy, gave in to temptation, and lost to your negative energy within.


There is not a single person, who have never had such experience.


One significance of the existence of darkness is, you can turn your eyes to the right direction, and see through what is truly light, love and good.


If the world had no evil energy but had only good energy, people would not notice it is something good.


If the world had no darkness, people would not recognize the sunlight as bright nor shimmering.


Because there is something polar opposite, it is possible to recognize, become aware, choose its opposite, and direct one’s attention to that direction.


I assume you know the tale of Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden.

There, the world was nothing but peace.

Light was overflowing, God, angels and fairies were living together and it was even possible to talk with the divine beings.


However, when they fell to temptation and became aware of the evil energy, shame is born.

They started to experience negative energies like fear, anxiety, envy, and illness.


If there was no such energy, they may have never noticed that they lived in such a peaceful and amazingly fulfilling world.


Also for you, when you fell into a harsh difficult situation and experienced negative energy, you may have noticed how fulfilled and happy your life was before that negative energy came.


Humans have a lot of gifts.

Humans have a lot of abundance.

It may be health, relationship, family, friend, the ability to see and talk.


You can sing, run, and go to the place you wish.

Actually, humans already have a great deal of abundance.


However, it is only when you lose them, you truly realize how happily fulfilled you were and how much of a great gift you were blessed with.


It is not until then that you finally realize you were happy and answered, and be grateful for the first time.

From now on, there will be a great shift in energy regarding what I am now addressing.


Being thankful about the things you already have.

Having gratitude toward God, Universe, life, and to yourself.

Joining your hands in prayer to express appreciation.


If you pay attention to what you already have and be thankful about it in this mindset, the great power of Universe will work, and you shall be receiving blessings.


It was so in the past time, however from now, the relationship between you and Universe shall greatly shift more like so.


On the other hand, for those who does not have gratitude, those who are not thankful about the gifts they already have, those who always direct attention to negative energy…

The energy of their life shall accelerate toward that negative energy.


From now on, Earth will bipolarize in a grand scale.

Until now, it was not divided to a bipolarized state and the energies were existing in an intermixed state.


However from now, those who truly have sense of appreciation and attitude to live with gratitude, and those who constantly complain with negative energy, those who always feel deficiency and lack appreciation, love and acceptance,

Each shall be divided to the direction that correspond to their energy.


In a sense, currently the humankind is being largely sorted and tested by the Universe.


Until now, the Universe and Higher Beings were waiting patiently.


Even if you complained in pain, Universe gave you lesson each time so you were able to realize, repent and regain sense of appreciation in humbleness.

Universe and Higher Beings were patiently watching over this process, just like a mother nurturing her child.


However from now on, the Universal Beings working with human beings shall be pitiless.

They will say ‘if you are living in such mindset, go ahead and keep on living in that energy’


Meanwhile, for those who live their good selves, express the good, live with love and appreciation, willing to grow and sophisticate…

Universe shall give amazing blessing and support in a level that humans have never seen.


To this extent, the Universe is ready to sort.

Thus, in this stage and period of time, I would like you to look at your negativity.


I would like you to steadily accept them.


‘Oh, I have such negative thoughts’

‘I have great fear’

‘I am very judgmental’


‘I am envious about other people’

‘I have weak heart’

‘I have an ego inside of me’


You cannot erase those negative energy.

There is no need to erase them.


Because you are made up of bipolarity.

There is good and evil within you.

You are composed of that bipolar energy.


If you direct your energy to the negative pole, your life will incline toward that energy.


Those who are looking at the good, growth, evolution, love, bliss and light, their life shall move to that direction.


However you possess both, and the two will exist within you eternally.

You are composed of Ying and Yang.


The important key is to accept both of the two polar, and to stand in center.

Or, to be in a transcendent state from the bipolarity.


When you transcend the bipolar, you will in a sense, find that you have achieved enlightenment.


In a sense, although you may not be aware, living life as a human being is about aiming to achieve that state.


And in order to constantly be in center and live the ultimate and original you, it is vital to accept the negative side that is hard to embrace.


At the same time, Earth will now be divided into two polar, so I ask you to contemplate about your negative energy that is wanting to be healed, and heal it.


If you find a judgmental thought or feeling inside yourself, it is because you are not fulfilled.


If you cannot forgive someone or the situation and feel anger, that is because you cannot forgive yourself.


If there is anger, sadness, resentment, judgement, pain inside you, and if you are able to notice them, please consider it as a chance opportunity.

It means that the timing has arrived to heal them.


And because it is this very period of time, that something that is seeking to be healed inside you, must be right there in front of your eyes now.


In the upcoming time, you want to choose good, evolution, growth, light and receive the blessings of Universe and live a glorious life as a God.


For that sake, in order to take a firm step forward to that direction, healing is needed within you.


Therefore, I ask you to contemplate about what is wanting to be healed inside you.

Because through your eyes, they shall be seen as negative energy.


Sadness, irritation, jealousy, judgement, anger, evil feelings…

Because it is asking you to be healed, it will appeal to you as such feeling and sensation.


In order to heal the part that is calling for the most healing, it starts with facing up that emotion and sensation.

It will not be a comfortable process.


Pain, agony, sense of deficiency, sense of lacking happiness…

It is an illusion.

It is arising within you because it wants to be healed, however, it is not easy to face up and accept those emotions.


However, if you look straight and accept those emotions, and contemplate about them, you shall experience a truly grateful healing.


If it gets healed, you will be freed from that negative energy.

It does not mean that negative energy will disappear inside you.

Ying and Yang will never disappear from you.


However, that negative emotion and sensation, or the anger that arouse, can be healed.

You can be freed from it.

In order to be freed, you need to face and confront them.


Therefore, in this timing when Earth is being sorted in grand scale, I ask you to reflect upon what is asking for the most healing inside you, and to accept and love it.


When it is healed inside you, you will return to the original you that you remember from long ago.

You will be freed from that painful emotion.


You shall meet yourself once again.

You shall discover your beauty and wonderfulness once again, and you will be very happy to live yourself.


From now, the energy of Earth shall go under great change.

It is going under bipolarization, and in this timing, healing is vital.


In this period of time, please deeply reflect upon yourself.

Face yourself, look at what is asking for the most healing, and I ask you to embrace that very part of you.