I am Goddess Isis.

Many people call upon me as the Goddess of beauty, and many people recognize it as one of my role.


Through this channeler, I would like to talk to you as the entity who preside over beauty.


When you say beauty, what do you think of?

For you, what is beauty and what is something beautiful?


In daily life, what do you perceive as something that is beautiful?

What sorts of things do you feel is beautiful?


When you look around this world, are you able to find beauty?


Is this world on Earth that you live in right now, is it full of something beautiful?

Or, is it difficult to find beautiful things?


Beauty is a manifestation of God.

The expression of God, is beauty.

If it is not beautiful, it means that God is not there.


In your world, in your daily life, and in the world you see through your eyes,


If there are not many beautiful things in it, it means that there is no expression of God.

It means it is apart from God.


It means it is not one with God.

Or, it means they have forgotten that they are a God, and is separated from God.


If there is beauty, God exists there, and God is being expressed.


Is this world filled with something beautiful?

When you look around, is the world full of beautiful things?


Something that is not beautiful.

Many of this exist in this world.

Something that is not beautiful, something that you cannot feel is beautiful.

There actually are many of this in the world.


To find something beautiful in such situation, is precious.

It means that there are not many beautiful things.

It means that there are more things that are not beautiful in this world right now.


You may perceive it as physical beauty.

Or it may be the words people speak, it may be the heart of people, and it may be the act of people.

Beauty could be found in many different aspects of many different things.


There are only few in this world right now, and it means that there are only little expression of God.

This means, presently the world is far apart from God to such an extent.


Something beautiful, and something that is not beautiful.

Which world do you wish to go?

A world which in everyday life, in every moment, anywhere you go, you see beauty.


Do you wish to live in such world?

Or, do you wish to live in a world where there is scarcely any beauty?


Which world do you think shall fill you with happiness?

Of course, the world overflowing with beauty.


Why is this?


It is possible to live without beautiful things.

Dirty physical situation with no beauty.

People’s words and actions without any beauty.

It is possible to live in such circumstance.


However, it must be a painful, distressful, and dark world without joy.


It is possible to live in that world.

However, there shall be no sense of fulfillment nor you may feel happiness.


A world where you can see beauty in all levels.

A world where you feel the beautiful heart of each and every people you meet.

A world where there are beautiful words, beautiful shape and condition.

It is surly happier to live in such a world filled with beauty,


Now, why is this?


Beauty is an expression of God, a manifestation of God.

Seeing God will make you happy.



That is because, you are God itself.

From the beginning till the end, you are eternally a God.

Thus, you are originally beauty itself.


However, you have forgotten this whilst living life.

You seal that you are a God, and choose to live apart from the divine state of God.


You are here to recall your true Godly self.

You live life to express your true Godly beauty.


Seeing beauty in everyday life and in people you encounter, means you saw God in there.


You are originally a God, and it is very important to express your own beauty.


Expressing your beauty through words, actions, physical shape, and all realities of life means you are living the essence of your God.


You are here to recall and live your true self as a God.

This is the same as expressing your original beauty.


Are you expressing your beauty every day and every moment?

What is your beauty?


Are you permitting yourself to express beauty in life?

Are you permitting yourself to show beauty every day, every moment, this very moment and at all times?


Everyone has their unique and original beauty.

In the world you live, there is a certain pitfall.


Everyone possesses a unique beauty and you are here to express it.

However, with the definition of beauty discharged by the society, you create comparison with yourself.


“This is beauty” “Beauty is something like this”

“This is the trend of this year”

“Something beautiful looks like this”


Of course, there are many information of beauty that help your heart shine and improve quality of life.


However, by the fixed information saying “this is the definition of beauty”


You think “I am not beautiful like this” “I have to be like this” and create comparison.

And deny your unique beauty and evaluate yourself in a low level.

This is happening to many people.


This is perfectly unnecessary.

The unique beauty you have, it cannot be measured by any scale.


There is no evaluation necessary in respecting, cherishing and allowing your natural grace first by yourself.


What is your unique beauty like?

In this very moment, what is the beauty that you can express?


Words, thoughts, actions

Fashion, lifestyle

Occupation, private life

If you were to express your original beauty in all aspects of life, what will it specifically be like?


That exactly means, for you to live your God.


When you speak the words of beauty with the infinite love inside you, it shall become the words of your God.

When you take beautiful actions, it shall become the act of your God.


If your life is filled with beauty, that is the lifestyle of you living as a God.


When you express your unique beauty, it means you are living your original Godly figure.


To have this world, the ground of Earth shining with overflowing beauty,

It will start with each and every one of you expressing your own beauty, every day and every moment.


When you express your unique and original beauty through five senses and through everyday life,

You shall start to find beauty within the world and people around you.


If you feel you cannot find much beauty in this world, it means you are not expressing your original beauty first.


When you see your unique beauty, express it, and enjoy your beauty through life, your eyes shall start to find beauty inside the people around you.

You shall start to see the overflowing beauty in the world.


When you express your beauty in life, you will live your Godliness,

And God shall unfold within you.


When your true God emerge within you, because God is beauty itself,

Your life will be filled with beauty, it will connect with Universe, and the Universe will be overflown with beauty.


What is your beauty?

It is impossible to measure with conception, information, and fixed standard provided from others.


One by one, in daily life, let’s contemplate on what your beauty is.

And in all areas of your life, I want you to express your beauty.


In order for you to express your beauty, first please fill your house with beauty.

The place you spend long hours, the holy temple that your God lives.


It is very important for your dwelling place to be a beautiful space, as the temple for God to live.

This will help you live the God that you are, and express Godliness and beauty.


Please look for beauty in the places you visit.

From this moment, start reflecting upon your beauty.

And please express it.


Every day and every moment, please see beauty in the surrounding world.

Be conscious to find the expression of God.


You are beautiful.

This is because, you are originally a God.

If you live and express your beauty, you are expressing God, the manifestation that you were determined to do before you came down on Earth.


What, is beauty?

Who is the God that you are?

Regarding beauty and God, various conception and definition are hindering us.


To start with, let’s release the preexisting conception inside you.

And not with your head, but from deep down your heart, from your very soul, question yourself.


What is beauty?

What does it mean to be a God?

What is your beauty?

What is the beauty you want to express in daily life?

What does it mean to live your true Godly self?


Please reflect upon this in great depths.

Please continue to question yourself of the above.

Please recall it now.

Even if you cannot recall, please know this.


You are here on Earth to express your unique beauty.

No matter what others may say, you must not stop to express your unique and original beauty.


Others may criticize.

They may say opinions.

“You should do this” “You should do that”


Regardless of what may happen, you must not stop to express your beauty and have that beauty overflowing your life.


Because, you came here on Earth to express beauty.


What is your beauty?