I am Goddess Isis.

Through this channeler, I have come here with the mission to give you great wisdom and power of my father, who is known as Ra since the ancient times.


Now is the very time for you to receive the wisdom of Ra.

The wisdom and power of Ra are now pouring down on all human beings and on the ground of Earth.


It is not something that can be received only in a special way.

Of course, there are different measures to acquire it, however


It is a power given to those who are looking toward the new time and sophisticating their mindset.

It is given to those who destroy and recreate themselves, who constantly refine themselves to a new evolved version.

It is given to those who keep their heads high, eyes facing straight in positivity.


Through profess of life, many people get stagnated, quit proceeding from their present situation because of fear, or because of being defeated by their weakness.

Many people stop challenging new things and voluntarily choose to stop their growth.


However, if you are a person who can overcome your weakness, overcome doubt, resistance and fear that arise within, and is courageous enough to dive into the unknown,


If you are a person who have the courage to fight new challenge, and take steady actions with determination,


If you are a person who can inspire yourself to proceed,

If you can keep being strong and take actions,


Ra shall give you extraordinary wisdom and power.


If you are someone who can constantly destroy and recreate yourself, and constantly inspire yourself to progress,

Ra shall give you tremendous love, power and wisdom, and support so you can exercise your power even further.


Right now, Ra needs the hands of those people.

Ra needs those who have the courage to make their way even in darkness and take actions.

They will be the bonfire to transfer to the new time.


Ra has many profound wisdom which is unrevealed to human beings.

More than anything, Ra has the magickal power necessary for the new time.


In the upcoming time, spirituality shall bloom for those who can overcome themselves and take constant actions to evolve and grow.


Ra needs those people who can break out of existing notion and past structure, and daringly challenge the new and unknown.


Those who can challenge new things with fresh idea, without being caught by existing values and notions, they are the people worthy of receiving Ra’s magick.


Magick and miracle cannot happen in life, if you become comfortable and get attached to your past vessel, and be caught inside of that.


To make miracle and magick happen in life, the only way is to rise above yourself and refuse to settle for past accomplishments.


If you further manifest things within the framework of the life built until today, of course there may be materialization,


However, those will only be things you are familiar, and things you already know and saw inside your vessel.


In a sense, you will end up in a very boring life.

It will be nothing but about repeatedly living yourself who you already know in the old energy.


That is neither miracle nor magick.

It is just a repetition of reality that you can obviously manifest.

Ra does not give power to people who make this choice.


Ra is wanting to support and give wisdom to those who constantly destroy their vessel and can constantly become a newer version of themselves, for the sake of building a new time.


Those who does not settle for past accomplishments, but is determined to do more good,

Those who are determined to make contribution in a larger scale,

Those who are determined to sophisticate further,

Those who are determined to do greater manifestation,

Those who are determined to constantly develop themselves,


Ra is wanting people who have this determination, and is realistically fighting its challenge.


Earth is entering a phase of great change.

Ra need pioneers and creators to build a new and better world.


Now the energy of Earth is changing and is not that of the past.


Meanwhile, as a Universal plan, many high Universal energy and wisdom are to be delivered to Earth one after another.


This means that, to such an extent, the vibration and energy of Earth is rising to a new horizon, and this planet itself is quickly evolving.


In this new frequency, you are to create the next world.

We are now entering this flow.


Of course, everyone currently living on Earth are capable of creating the new world, however


Amongst them, those who have the flexibility to the fact that a new time has come, and that many new Universal energy are coming down,


Those who does not stick to existing commonsense, approach and concept based on past life experience,


But those with open mind, who have the courage to even let go of it all, and constantly accept new approaches, are the ones.


If not, although high and new energy is being delivered from Universe, a similar society from past notions will unfortunately be created.


Already, there is a gap between the new energy coming down on Earth, and the creations of the past time.


Ra wishes to oversee and support everyone as his beloved child.


Even if so, amongst all his beloved children and human beings, Ra will support those who daringly challenge new things,

Those who can let go of old and not stick nor cling, but can dive into new energy.


The new society cannot be built if those people do not take actions.


Ra, as well as many other Universal beings, are needing those who can take their action.


They are ready to give power and wisdom to those ones.


In this new flow where new energy and new wisdom are being delivered, and the vibration of Earth is constantly rising resulting in great change of energy,


Please first respect, love and utilize your gift and uniqueness.

Then you are to become an important player to create the new society.

It is now time.


Ra’s wisdom and power, Universal wisdom and power is necessary to do this.

It is now being delivered to Earth and to you, one after another, however


From now on, it will be delivered even more.


Recently for a while, Earth was taken over by a big storm.

For the past several months, a huge storm was raging.


This was an energetic storm.

It was like a typhoon to sweep away the old.


I think many people experienced the old things being completely cleaned up from themselves.


It was an event of a Universal scale.

It happened because old things were hindering you all.


It was necessary to completely release things which no longer will serve you in the new time.

This process was done to all human beings.


A massive cleansing process continued for months.

Of course, release and purification will still be necessary in the future, however


Now is a certain timing.

Massive cleansing was steadily performed for several months, and Ra is wanting to give power and wisdom to those who are beginning their creation at this point.

Ra is now trying to determine who to give the power and wisdom, upon those who are coming forward now.


When we observe the people on Earth, from Ra’s eyes as well as my eyes,


There are many people who is not looking towards the new direction,

Those who is resisting the new energy, and

Those who is resisting to recreate themselves.


Like I mentioned, unfortunately Ra does not give power to those who want to maintain the status quo.


In the long period time of this past several months, regardless of being aware of it or not, those who were able to discard old energy and innovate themselves,


Those who are flexible towards the new time, and were able to destroy themselves and is ready to transform,


To such people, Ra is trying to give them wisdom and power, just right now.


Therefore, I wish for you to raise hand in front of Ra.


I am not attached to the person I was.

I let go of all the old things that don’t serve myself.


For the sake of the new time, I exercise my amazing inborn quality and talent more than ever, and contribute to create a new and better world.


Ra shall give tremendous power to those who declare their will to Ra like this.


Ra shall steadily support their creation process of the new time.


The wisdom and power of Ra is amazingly grandeur, profound and sophisticated.


Now is the time for my father Ra who is also a Universal Master, trying to give his wisdom and power to the human beings on Earth once again after thousands of years.


As Ra’s daughter, I plead you.

Empty your cup, let go the old, and be open to the new.


As the creator of new time, if you exercise your great quality to contribute to the people and world,

If you proceed the path and refine yourself,


If you can declare this with joy and a smile to Ra, my father Ra shall surly support you with great power.


Then your process to create new things with your unique power as the creator of new time, shall surly accelerate.


In the process until now, through physical condition, through human relationship, or through real life events,


If you successfully released old energy in all kind of ways, and if you are strong and positive toward the new flow, and if you are committed to be the creator of new time,

You shall become aware that Ra has blessed you with great wisdom and power, when you witness the acceleration of your reality’s flow.


Please believe in your amazing uniqueness that no other person have.

You are here on Earth right now because you have an extraordinary potential and amazing quality as the creator of new time.


No one else has your talent.

It is something that can only be utilized by you.

The new time is waiting for it.

My father Ra and myself, is waiting for it as well.


Great blessing shall be given to those who actively create the new time by utilizing their talent and uniqueness.


They shall experience and be fulfilled with abundance of the new time, and abundance in all aspects of life.


Those who embrace this new flow with the will to grow and proceed, shall see the new world of the new time, right in front of their eyes.


Are you going to live in something familiar, the status quo?

Or, are you going to recreate yourself?

From this point on, human beings shall be divided into two big groups according to this choice.


I sincerely wish you exercise your unique power as the great creator of the world, and by doing so, live a life of amazing bliss and happiness.