I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to talk to you through this channeler.

Today, I would like to address about the importance of the power to discipline yourself, the power to push yourself, and the power to supervise yourself.

In everyday life, you work on variety of challenges.

You experience various things through reality, relationship and society.

And I am sure that sometimes you were not able to accomplish what you once decided, or got bored after couple of days.

Or your initial determination may have blurred during the process, lost track, and at last you may even have lost sight of where you were heading.

You may have lost the direction, and as a consequence, got completely puzzled.

All of this can be resolved by the mental power and autonomy within you.

That is self discipline, supervising and pushing yourself

Many people tend to get easy on themselves.

You are able to follow through promises with other people, but it is hard to keep promises with yourself.

A promise with another person, you care about the relationship, and see the importance of being trusted, so you are able to work hard.

However for a promise with yourself, even if you break it, no one will punish you.

And you will not lose trust from other people.

You simply end up with the result that you couldn’t do what you decided.

This seems as if it has nothing to do with trust and promise with another person, so you feel and think it is okay.

However when this accumulates, the result will be that you cannot accomplish your desire.

No other person will say anything to you.

Even if you had told many people that you are planning on doing it but you couldn’t, they will simply think you weren’t able to do it or you may have had a change in plan.

Amongst them, there may be ones who see through that you talk but don’t actually do.

However, how other people see and criticize you, is not a big problem.

True problem here, is breaking promises with yourself.

There is no one to scold or punish you, so you end up breaking promise with yourself.

Then, there will be no progress in life.

Reality will not change, your hopes and dreams end up as just hopes and dreams.

If this is okay with you, then living such life can be one possibility.

However, that is not you.

There must be something inside you, a dream that you truly wish to materialize, something that you have tremendous passion and think is the very reason you came to Earth for.

Following it through, or trying to recall what that is, that is process of life.

To keep on questioning yourself, and if and when you realize your answer,

You need to keep promise with yourself, and materialize your decision.

Or else, your life will end in just being excited feeling the passion and dream.

Are you able to push yourself?

Are you able to control yourself?

Are you able to follow through the promise with yourself?

‘I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t…’

Are there many things that is left undone like this?

Or, are you always able to do what you decided?

Is your life continuously expanding and are you manifesting your dreams and hopes?

I think there are many things which is left undone and couldn’t see its manifestation.

Why is this?

Why are many people not able to keep promise with themselves?

That is because, it is made that way.

Working hard to accomplish something, taking action and engaging in something, means progress and evolution for you as human being.

Expansion, growth, and ambition to do more.

As humans, you are surly born with resistance toward these.

I don’t want to change, it’s so hard to take actions, I’m scared to challenge new things, I can’t do it…

These negative voices never disappear but continuously repeat within you.

However, it is not something bad, it is a nature.

It is a nature that is equipped within you when you decided to experience life as a human being.

It is not something bad.

It does hinder your growth, hinder change in reality, and hinder manifesting dreams and hopes, however it is not something bad.

It is a nature inherent in you, when you were born as human being.

And it will resist against all kind of matters.

‘I want to do this’

‘This year, I’m going to accomplish that’

‘I am going to work on this’

It excites you when you think about it.

However, once you try to take it into action to see its manifestation, resisting power that interfere you is born inside.

What should you do?

There is no way but for you to overcome the interference that arises.

No one will fight for you.

The resistance arising from within, the choice of not doing it, the voice saying it’s too troublesome, the choice of letting it go…

There is no one else but you to control these things and be in discipline.

Thus, in order to truly manifest your dreams and hopes, and materialize your true desire to have some form in life,

There is no way but to take actions according to your ambition and will to grow, and overcome the interfering force of resistance that is born within you.

Thus in times, it is inevitable to discipline, push, and be tough on yourself.

However, many people are easy on themselves.

I am not saying being easy is not good.

As much as being tough on yourself, it is also important to accept, forgive and be kind to yourself.

It is polar energy and is taking balance.

However, many people understand forgiveness as a feeling similar to ‘oh well, it’s okay’

And it is understood in a different meaning from forgiveness.

As a result, they are conquered by the interference.

They are not able to discipline, and are not able to accomplish.

The ultimate balance is having self discipline, being able to control and push yourself, and following through until the end.

And in times, praising yourself for the amazing work, rewarding yourself, respecting and forgiving your greatness.

For many people, this balance is lost.

That is why they talk a lot but the reality is not changing.

Not only do they not take actions but even criticize.

They only think, yet take no action accordingly.

I see many people fallen in this state.

Now is the time to change this.

If it is not changed, you will forever live a life which it take eternal time to manifest, or you may have dreams but always cannot take equivalent actions.

You will forever live such life.

In its worst case, the interfering force of energy can become the mainstream, and you may fall into criticizing, whining, negative thoughts and words.

Indeed, there are many people who has fallen to this state,

Therefore, Earth is losing its balance.

For the sake of keeping balance of Earth itself, and for the sake of truly keeping balance of each and every one of you,

It is important to push yourself, scold yourself, and be hard on yourself.

This quality is important to have.

But remember this, it is not a penalty of punishment that you impose on yourself, it is love.

I have self discipline.

I am able to be hard on myself.

I am able to push myself.

…This is all love.

In another word, severity and discipline exists with love, or as a form of love.

Are you able to push yourself?

Are you able to discipline yourself?

Are you able to be hard on yourself?

Are you able to coach yourself, for the sake of you, the player’s growth?

Please reflect upon this.

When it is in balance, you shall shift to a very good state.

And you shall grow and have confidence.

You shall become someone who can keep promise with yourself.

You shall be able to keep on creating reality, that can uniquely be materialized by you.