I am Goddess Isis.

Please let me deliver a message to you through this channeler.

Do you have an aspiration or vision to your life or the world?

I want to create this kind of a new world with other people.

I want to develop this aspect of the society.

I want to live this kind of a life.

I wish to accomplish this goal in my life.

I want to live this kind of a lifestyle in the near future.

Do you have a vision or dream for yourself, or to a field in the society or to the world?

I think you of course do.

However, when I look at the people on Earth, of course there are many with vision, dream and aspiration, but I notice that they are very ambiguous and vague.

Dreams, goals and visions need to be clear and concrete.

The clearer it is, the more concentration you will obtain from it, and it will be solidly inputted in yourself.

Also for us, who are willing to support you, we will be able to recognize it clearly and specifically.

If it is not specific but vague, it is very difficult to understand what you are actually wanting to do.

To have a vision.

To set a concrete state you wish to strive for.

The clearer you make it, the stronger a signal you send out to the Higher Beings, Heaven, God and Universe.

It also helps to verbalize, discuss, create a visual image, and any other ways to create a vision that use the five senses.

Where are you heading for and what do you want to achieve?

It is necessary to make those vision which for many people is very vague, into something more clear and specific.

You have the power to manifest your aspiration and dream into reality.

Haven’t you experienced making your dream come true, sometimes very quick and sometimes after many years? And after its manifestation, you realize that you once dreamt about it long time ago?

The world you see now.

It manifested because there were people who wished for it.

I want to build a tall building and use it for business or residence, for the sake of making a more convenient society.

There were people who wished for it, thus it has manifested into concrete reality.

Whether you are aware or not, the things you see are what you wished somewhere sometime.

It means, the things humanity wished and pictured take shape in this world.

Also I think you know that there are many things which you wish it didn’t exist.

Crime, fight, war, hatred, lies…

Negative things that seem like no one wished for its manifestation, actually does exist in this world.

However, in a sense, it is also a manifestation of what existed inside humans.

Within each one of you, different factors are all in fusion, and it is creating a balanced state.

If harmony and peace is not established but conflict and internal fight exists within, you shall see it outside of yourself.

If you are lying to yourself and live a false life, you will see someone deceiving someone else, or you may be involved in such experience.

Therefore, even if you think ‘I never wished for such thing’ what you see and experience are simply what you unconsciously possess and manifested into reality.

Thus what is seen in front of you and what is created in your life, all originate from you.

You are responsible for its creation.

Therefore, for the world that you wish to create, and the goal you want to accomplish,

I ask you to have conscious intention.

Please focus, picture in clear detail, and maintain it clearly.

To such an extent, each one of you have the power to manifest the things you wish and picture.

You are gifted with this power, more than you imagine.

If you are being drifted by something unexpected, or if life is full of unpleasant things,

And you wonder ‘Why am I in such situation?’ ‘Why is relationship so stressful?’

If something unpleasant is manifesting as reality, it was attracted and created by something inside you.

Those things that pour into your reality before you even think.

Those things that is created from your subconscious mind.

Although you may not be aware, but you actually pictured those things somewhere inside you and resulted as reality.

Experience those reality.

Don’t keep on being drifted by them, but you need to shift direction to create your own life.

If not, you will be tossed about by the reality that is continuously generated by the subconscious mind.

You will be effected by those reality, and your life will be a passive one, a matter of how you correspond to those happenings.

However, this is not your true power.

You are here to create your life with your intention and power.

And if you are creating something, you need to be clear about what you are creating.

For example, when you cook.

You don’t start collecting ingredients and spices or start frying and boiling, without picturing and deciding the dish you want to make.

Cooking randomly without setting a goal.

Surprisingly, it may turn out to be an amazing meal, but fundamentally, you start with your wish to eat and cook a particular food, and imagine the finished meal you wish to eat.

That comes first, and as its process, you fry and boil, mix spices and cut the ingredients.

Same with your life.

I want to accomplish this in my life.

I want to achieve this state in about this timeline in future.

I want to work on this field of the society, and create this kind of change.

I want to provide this service and make this many people happy.

Setting specific time and numbers will of course be a help.

What do you want to create?

What reality do you want to see in your life?

It will not come spontaneously.

It will not be answered by a fortuneteller to your question of ‘What should I do with my life?’

You are the creator.

So please, ask yourself in this very moment.

What do you want to accomplish in your life?

What will be your action and as its consequence, and who do you want to make happy?

What change do you want in life and society as a result of using your inborn gift?

Regarding your lifestyle, how do you wish it to be, in how many years?

Picture all of these things in specific detail as you can.

You can write it down.

Using the power of spoken words, you can recite them every day.

You can draw a picture.

Have your vision concrete and clear.

If you can see it in great detail, as a visible real image, the manifestation has already begun from that point.

Hold that complete vision firmly, and from that point, you will embark on the process of how to achieve it through your life.

Then it will not be a life of being drifted by happenings created by your unintentional subconscious mind,

But a life you create, a life with initiative and control.

Live the art, the art called true life.

That, is the life of an artist.

I assume you already have a vision.

However, they are still ambiguous in detail.

Review them so that it becomes dozens and hundreds of times more specific.

You may lead a busy life.

However, being tossed about by busy life means you are controlled by subconscious mind.

Secure your time and reflect upon yourself.

Stop, take time and question yourself.

How do I wish to develop my lifestyle?

What do I want to achieve?

How do I want to change myself?

What lifestyle do I want?

How would I utilize my talent and contribute to people?

What change and development do I wish to see in my society?

If it is something that harness your inborn characteristics,

If it is something that make you live your truth,

If it is something that contribute to the growth and happiness of you and people around you,

We will support you anytime.

If order for us to support, I ask you to clarify your vision to us and to Universe.

Please work on this right now.

If you do not do this today, today will be a day for you to be fooled by subconscious mind.

Hold a solid vision every day.

Hammer it into your head; you are doing what you are doing, in order to complete that vision.

By doing so, your energy and the flow of everyday life, shall transform.

Hope will arise from inside.

And your original and unique talent will happily come out from you, for the sake of its accomplishment.

When you picture your vision, please enjoy and be happy.

Not from obligation or rational thinking, but like a child playing with a favorite toy,

Enjoy, and have fun picturing it.

The vision you complete in joy, will surely contribute to the new Earth, world and people.

Please work on this for your growth, your joy and fun,

For you to further use the gift and talent you brought all the way down here, on Earth.

Show us more specific and fun vision.

I will be looking forward for it.