I am Goddess Isis.

I am grateful for this opportunity to meet and talk to you through this channeler.

I would like to send my New Year’s greetings to all of you.


You may already have noticed, but this New Year that just started has a different feeling as if you have entered a completely new dimension.


In fact, a beginning of new cycle is taking place right now.


Concepts and ideas from the past are gradually dying.

Cycle to end those elements took place just before this new one.


Things you cannot carry on to the new time, and things you cannot carry on to the world of higher vibration saw its completion and finished its role.


I think you experienced it in your personal life in various forms, or might have felt such sensation.


And because the old were able to finish, a brand new cycle is starting.


Now that a new year has begun, some of you may be experiencing a light and clear feel, or a fun, happy, light hearted sensation, with no clear reason.


Of course it depends on each of your life situation, but the whole cycle of Earth and humanity has ascended to a new dimension, and we are now entering a brand new stage.


In starting this new stage and cycle, there is something I sincerely would like to address to you.


That is smile and laughter.

In daily life, how often do you laugh?

How often do you talk to others with a smile?

Or do you walk the streets without a smile but in a numb face?


You meet many different people every day.

When you walk down the street, when you enter a shop, when you take the train, in your work place, in your private life, and at your home.

Every day, you have chance to meet many people.


In those moments, do you smile to the person in front of you?

Or do you let it pass in a bland face without any pleasant conversation, because you don’t know them well?


You may never have a chance to meet that person again.

Even if it’s someone you have met many times, it could be the last time.


Like the Japanese proverb suggest, meeting someone is ‘ichigo-ichie’ (treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.)

For those people with a strong and deep link, you shall continue to encounter them.


Whom you live with every day, whom you spend long hours at work.

Maybe you know each other too well that you take them for granted.


Maybe you forget to thank them, maybe you don’t say any greetings and do not bother to care.


However even if you meet them often, that encounter is a precious happening that only exist in that very day.


Even if you meet them often, there is a very specific interaction possible for that very day that is different from either the day before or day after.


When you meet someone, even with those who you now take for granted, do you express your love?

Do you express gratitude?


Do you express care?

Do you express appreciation?

Are you attentive to that person?

Do you smile when you talk with them?


There is a tremendous difference between a state with laughter and without laughter, in regards with your life’s energy, vibration and fortune.


Not smiling or laughing when you communicate, or show no expression as if you were a faceless ghost.

Ignoring, saying no words, and not showing the slightest smile, even if it was a small encounter that hardly call for any conversation.


Now, compare a life with such attitude, and a life with small effort to create a small conversation with a restaurant staff, smiling or complimenting about something of them.


If you smile and talk to the person you meet that day.

It may be the most insignificant conversation but if you can enjoy that small interaction, there shall be a great difference between the two lives.


You do not smile because you are happy and full of joy.


You smile because a smile makes people happy and brings light to the world.

Then as a result you become fulfilled and the vibration of your life heightens.

That is why you smile and laugh.


How many times in a day, do you hold your sides with laughter?

Do you not laugh because there is nothing funny?


Do you not because there is nothing to laugh so much about?

The world is full of things that can make you burst into laughter and tumble on ground.


In fact, your life itself is so dramatic.

You do not laugh because there is something funny.

Enjoy life, enjoy your existence, and enjoy every single event in daily life.


Do you actively get interested in the dramatic story of your life?

Laughter starts from there.


Laughter is the simplest way to heighten the vibration of life and fortune.

In other words, no matter how much you learn and practice to raise energy, no positive fate will come to those who is a faceless zombie.


Do you think you are an interesting, dramatic and curious existence?

Can you enjoy life as if you are riding a jet coaster?


What will I, the leading star, be up to doing this year?

Can you get excited and interested about you and your life?

Are you captivated in yourself?


Please become madly in love with yourself.

This person is so interesting, what surprise will they do with their life?

I can’t wait to see what they’ll do!


This person makes my life so fun!

I can’t believe they can do such a thing.

Oh my god, is this actually possible?


Please actively enjoy your existence and life.

Get interested and fall in love.

And laugh about it with all your soul.


I have addressed this message many times before.

You may feel as if you have heard something similar.


However because you have started a new cycle, a new year, so I am addressing this message anew.


Live every day and week with a smile.

Get interested and enjoy all experiences in life.

Laugh with all your soul.


Depending on how much you do this, the new cycle can be fun and productive, or just boring.


Laughing and living with a smile is so important, to this much of an extent.

In other words, heightening your vibration is simple.


Please laugh!

You do not laugh because there is something fun and interesting.

You start the laugh from yourself.

Smile at other people.

Smile at your life.


If you smile at your life, then your life shall respond to you.


If you smile at yourself, your inner self will happily show unbelievable power.


Human being can exercise tremendous power, and you have witnessed this many times.


Humans acquire a physical body and is born on Earth, to exercise the miraculous power they originally have.


Without an exception, everyone is born with a surprising power that is almost unbelievable to be reality.


However, it will never be put forth unless the door is opened by themselves.

In order to do so, smile at yourself.

Enjoy your life and laugh out loud.

Fall madly in love with yourself.


You are worthy of being madly loved by yourself, and if you love yourself so much, then many others shall also love you.


Smile from this moment.

Smile at everyone you meet.


Not just humans but at animals, flowers, trees, all and any beautiful things creating the scenery of town.

Smile at your everything.


When people see you smile, they become happy.

When you make someone happy, you become happier.

Be brave, talk and smile at someone you have first met.


Everyone is waiting to be smiled at.

Everyone is waiting to be talked to.

Everyone is waiting to be cared about.

Everyone is wanting to be treated nicely.


When you wake up in morning, smile at yourself.

Smile at yourself, over and over again.


If you cannot smile at yourself, you cannot truly smile at anyone you meet in life.

That shall be a lonely and boring life.


You are born in this world as a great being who can smile at many people and bring happiness to many others.

Smile at people and bring happiness to others.

Then you will be fulfilled and embrace happiness yourself.


Start everyday with smiling at yourself, smiling at everything in your life, and appreciating them.

Start every morning with this action.


If you live with a smile, the new cycle and New Year will be splendid and fulfilling.


Always smile at people around you, at all living being, and at everything of your life.

This attitude will invoke more blessings from Heaven and Universe.


Whenever and whatever it may be, live with a smile.


And make this a splendid and productive new cycle, with your very hands.