I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to talk to you through this channeler.


I am always watching over you as my dear and irreplaceable children.


Today I would like to address that an extremely fun time is approaching now.


Finally the previous social structure is coming to an end, and new vibration, new wisdom and new universal energy is being brought to the people on Earth.


One after another it is coming down on this planet, therefore, all and every things are rapidly changing in this very moment.


I assume you must have felt that change, in your own ways.


Unique idea that had never existed in the past are brought out in society, things that were thought to be inconceivable are actually happening in the world, and new ideas are being born one after another.


On the other hand, you must be physically perceiving that a new vibration different from the past time, is being established here on Earth.


Earth is surely in the middle of its ascending process to a new state, and accordingly, you who have come down on Earth as humankind,


Are now to make more use of the treasure you each have brought, for the sake of manifesting a new time in history.


Indeed, each one of you have brought a treasure to Earth.

It can be called talent.

It can be called charm.

It can be called characteristic, individuality, or quality.


It is certainly a fact that you have brought such a treasure, and regardless of you being aware or not aware, you have been exercising its power in your life until today.


However, you have the power to exercise it in a greater scale.

It is important to continuously ask yourself; what is the uniqueness that I have?

In life, it is very important to reflect upon this question.


Of course, this is an important question you shall always ask yourself continuously in the future as well.


It is tremendously important to always ask yourself.

Because, you will not obtain an answer if you do not question.


You have the ability to exercise a miraculous power, and you are born with everything necessary in doing so.


But what exactly is that?

What is my mission?

What is the amazing gift I have brought with me?

What is the unique power I have, that help me contribute to the people and world?


If you do not ask yourself this question, it will not be awaken.

Therefore, it is crucial to ask yourself, and I want you to always do so.


The Universe is wanting for you to exercise your unique individuality, steadily fulfill your mission, and by doing so, embrace true bliss and true happiness in your life.


We are always watching and supporting you for that reason.


Please ask yourself;

What is my individuality?

What am I trying to achieve in life?

What can I do for the people, for the world and for my own happiness?


This question is surely important than any other questions.

You took the trouble to come all the way down to Earth, for its very sake.


This work that you shall be devoting your whole life, is something that is needed by the future Earth and society.


Talents and ideas you offer and your accomplishments, shall save others and make them happy.


Society will change for the better, and Earth, society and its people shall certainly progress.


The amazing treasure you each have brought, will inevitably contribute to people’s growth, joy and happiness.

It contributes to create a better world and society, and for it to further develop.


To me, it is as though each one of you are here on Earth as a special artist.


Everyone here on Earth right now, is an artist to express an amazingly, unique art.

The better society of new times, is a collective body of your respective and unique artwork.

That, is the new future of Earth.


The new Earth can manifest an amazing world, only if each one of you express your very own art.

Once again, I ask you to be aware of this and remind yourselves from time to time.


Now, there is something I would like you to consider.

Like I have just mentioned, each one of you are the artist to draw amazing world of future Earth, and accomplish its manifestation.


Everyone’s art and everyone’s expression is needed, however, many of the humans on Earth, who is the artist, have unfortunately sealed it with a lid.


I am not a big deal

I am not talented

Other people are greater than me

I am going to follow someone who’s doing it

Let someone take care of it


You are to take initiative to exercise your unique power, however, many people don’t believe or they don’t even know that they have such a power within themselves.


Not only do they not remember or know, but their mindset is working to seal the unique personal treasure.


I am not ready

I am not talented

I don’t like myself


I am not perfect

I am not as good as them

I am not important


Like this, many people are giving themselves negative self evaluation.


Please let me repeat once again.

Without exception, everyone has a unique and original role,

It helps others grow and become happier, and bring positive progress in the world.


There is not one person without this power.

However, many people not only do not believe in this, but unfortunately are giving themselves low and negative self evaluation.


The truth is, in order to awaken your unique amazingness and power,

In order to awaken the power inside you, the power you possess to accomplish your mission that you have decided to fulfill,

In order to do so, you ultimately need to love yourself.

It shall awaken by loving yourself.


No matter how much others, your friends, parents, companions see through and praise your gift saying

You are so great

You have such an amazing talent

You can do it


No matter how much they encourage you, if you ultimately conclude it is not so,

The true power inside you cannot emerge, because they were not acknowledged by yourself.


Thus, no matter how much your teacher, senior, junior, friend and colleague praise and evaluate you,

If you don’t value, acknowledge and respect yourself, your power will not emerge.


Even if it does emerge, because you do not acknowledge yourself, and although you are accomplishing amazing and great work, you shall be living a painful life without a sense of self acceptance.


For those of you who have gathered here today, I sincerely hope you to change this.


I am amazing

I love myself

I accept myself

I value who I am


Accepting yourself as you are

I cannot describe how vital this is.


When you live with this mindset and attitude, your true nature inside shall shout ‘Yes!’ and be in rejoice that it was recognized by themselves, and be able to emerge from you.


If you undervalue yourself in some way, it cannot emerge.


Please, know this, and you may already be practicing, but I ask you to be even more conscious and practice further.


I want you to remove and clear any words or thoughts inside you that deny and let you down.


Your life will continuously develop and change.

There is no limit saying ‘I have fully grown’ ‘I have become the best I can be’

You will develop according to your effort in sophisticating yourself.


However, regardless of how much you can further develop, you are already perfect in that very moment.

In a sense, you are an imperfectly perfect existence.

In every parts of your life, you are a perfect existence.


You are a perfect existence who can continue to grow.

That is who you are.


Right in this moment, you are perfect.

Right in this moment, you can accomplish an amazing miracle,

You can save many people, and you can encourage many people

You are someone who can contribute to manifest a better society.


Right in this moment, right in this place, you have it all.

It is not something you work hard, study and strive for 10 years, 20 years.

It is not what you can finally accomplish by understanding something great.


Right in this very moment, you are able to harness your innate divine nature, save other people and change this world.


On this very day, it is possible.

To do so, it is indispensable to love and respect yourself.


Your inner self, is wishing to be loved by you.

Is wishing to be recognized by you.

It cannot emerge without loving and accepting.


When you are able to love and respect yourself, when you are able to treasure yourself,

Not with logic but truthfully with your heart and with your soul,


You will see an extraordinary power emerging from yourself,

You will be able to accomplish unimaginable achievements,

And you will recognize the true power you held inside.


To such degree, the power that is generated when you acknowledge and love your inner self is far beyond what you can imagine.


You have an extraordinary power, far greater than your understanding.

I am sure that you know many people who have made great achievements in history and in modern time.


I assume that you have witnessed something truly impressive being accomplished in the world.

Something that left you in awe that it was actually possible for a human being to have done and create something so amazing.


That indeed is the truth.

Each and every one of you have the potential to achieve an extraordinary work.

You have all the power to obtain that great work.


It is you that is stopping it to happen.

You have a self-image of yourself, about your capacity, about your power.


However, that is functioning as the limit to suppress your power.

It needs to be changed.


When you break that image and clear your limit of your current capacity, you will witness an unimaginable power emerging from you.


I sincerely wish for those of you who are here now, to be the pioneer to undergo this experience.

Some of you may be actually convinced about what I am currently telling you.


You must have had such experience in your life.

However, a limit needs to be cleared over and over again.


When you clear the limit and exercise a power that is even unexpected by yourself, you will understand your true great power.


But when you understand that ‘it’ is you, than it shall again become your new limit.

Therefore, you will always need to clear your limitation.


Ultimately, I would like you to reach a state without any limit, but just infinite potential.


I sincerely ask you to remove your self-image, the conception of yourself, the image, the limit you have imposed on yourself, and bring forth a miracle.


When you bring forth a miracle, that is to achieve greatness by exercising your power,


Many people, the people around you will become happy and be filled with joy.

You will also be fulfilled that you have succeeded in making the people around you to rejoice in happiness.


You will be able to make an amazing contribution to the world, and because you were able to contribute to the world, you shall embrace greater happiness.


I want you to experience this as reality, actually with physical perception.

Please become a good role model.


When you clear your limit, love yourself, make achievements by exercising your power, people will witness and think ‘maybe I can do it too’ ‘I want to do it’


They will take actions to overcome their limit, love themselves, and believe in their possibility.

Please become such a good role model.


You may already have been putting it into practice.

Please, accelerate your action further.

Please create a miracle that can surprise the people around you.


If you take the initiative to become a good role model, 10 people, 100 people, 1000 people, more and more people who saw you, will follow your footsteps to create their own miracles.


When everyone clear their limitation, exercise their full innate power, and express their unique art,

A new world will manifest on the ground of Earth.


This process is indispensable to manifest a new, better and amazing world.

A new world cannot be manifested without removing your limitation, loving yourself and accepting your significance.


Therefore, I ask you again.

Please love yourself.

Please love your whole entire life.

You are an irreplaceable, precious, unique, special and amazing existence.


You must have been working on loving yourself until today.

However, once again, please make effort to love yourself today.

I, am always loving you.