I am Goddess Isis.


I thank you for the opportunity to talk to you through this channeler.


I shall address things that I wish, through this channeler.


Right now, it is the time of year which the sky is very beautiful in the world you live.


In your daily life, do you look up at the sky?


In this time of year, the sky is beautiful and very clear compared to other seasons.

Have you given yourself time to look up at the sky?


Do you ever take plentiful time to gaze at the vast and beautiful sky?


During this season which the sky is so beautiful, I would like you to take time and gaze at it.


One of this reason is because I would like you to have a broad perspective and to look at matters with a grand mind.

And also because I would like you to always be reminded to do so.


In everyday life, you tend to get short sighted and be caught in small details.


Of course, I am not saying it shall be ignored or you shall not be caught in small things.


Happenings in life, relationships, and trifles all have its significance and they happen before your eyes for it is necessary.

Thus you should not ignore them, however


Although each of them may be small trifles, it will make a big difference if you are able to deal with a big heart and wide perspective.


Thus in order to keep a broad perspective, especially in the upcoming time when it is crucial to have a wide view, I come before you to address this matter.


Do you ever send your heart out to the Universe?


Were you aware that the Galactic System you know, is just a tiny part of much larger, extremely vast Universe?


When you are living your life in normal realistic world, you might not give much thought about the Universe.


If you are someone particularly curious and interested, you may be conscious and get excited about such information.


However for many of you, time is passing whilst you are caught by what is happening in front of your eyes.


But when you look at all and everything; your existence, and even your very life, with the vast perspective of Universe, you shall notice a significant change in what you see.


In your past experience, when you gave a thought about the Universe, embarked out into wild nature, or visited the vast ocean,

When you were surrounded in those environments, didn’t you notice how small an existence you are?


You might have had this experience several times.


However once you are back in ordinary life, you become short sighted, irritated, be caught in restlessness, and end your day without being aware of much things.

Sometimes, your life may continue for days like that.


What is in front of you, and what you are working on daily basis.

They are all important.

However, it is also essential to look at it as an important part of the greater canvas of life.


Your life is an amazing painting.

It is a movie.

It is a story.


When you are vigorously living every day, every moment, and each precious scene of your life, they come together to make a movie, a story, and a great piece of painting.


From time to time, it is important to look at not only each of the scenes, but at the whole picture, as the broad and overall view of your life.


I understand you have many things that make you short sighted.

Relationship, work, trouble, study, feeling, experience, thought, emotion, sense.


Each and every scene is a crucial part of the painting being drawn on the canvas of life.

It is an important scene of the movie called life.


Each and every scene that compose the movie of life are truly essential.


It is an irreplaceable and precious moment, and if you waste the time or experience of your life for even one moment, it shall ruin its story.


All scene and all moment compose a story of life, and there is not one second that is meaningless nor insignificant.


When you are drawing the amazing painting on to your life canvas, there is not one touch that is meaningless nor unimportant of the each and every brush that compose the grand painting.

Without that one touch, the painting shall not be complete.


Also for your life, if you did not have this one precious moment, there shall be a hole in the story.

Within your life, movie story, and the painting drawn on your canvas, there is not one part that is not valuable or meaningless.


Each and every moment come together to complete an extraordinary masterpiece.


Indeed, you are living each and every moment of your life in order to complete the splendid painting drawn on your life canvas, and in order to finish your original movie that is none like any other.


To such a degree, your life is an amazing and wonderful piece of work.

Not one moment nor one touch is unimportant.


Therefore, I ask you to not be caught in each touch or each scene,

However to look at each day, each hour, and each moment as a part of your amazing movie story which you complete with your entire life.


Or else, you shall lose sight of the overall vision of what you are drawing, if you are caught in each scene or each touch of painting brush.


So please, I ask you to look at the beautiful sky of this season.


I want to you to look at the beautiful clouds floating.


Crisp and clear air, the breathtaking view beneath the vast and beautiful sky.

The amazing scenery you can only see, because you came here on Earth.

I want you to look at it as the overall picture.


You can go up on a tall building.

Going to the ocean is even better.

Look at the vast sea, look at the beautiful sky laying above,

Enjoy the sound of waves that continuously come and go, and tune your pulse to its rhythm.


Detach yourself from each life scene that you engage in, and let yourself exist with the great sky, great sea, and any great and beautiful scenery, as if you are looking at the grand overall view.


Upon existing in such situation, I want you to reflect upon your life anew.


What have you draw on your painting so far?

How have you acted and created your movie so far?

How will you draw your painting from now on?

Which colors do you need more on your canvas?


What do you really wish to draw on your canvas?

How would you like the story to develop?

How would you write the script from now on?


Now is the time to reflect upon your life, by situating yourself in the beautiful wild nature, the grand scenery of vast, beautiful, and wild nature.


I am constantly observing you striving the busy modern society, and I am very happy and glad of your achievements.


However in times, it is important to take plentiful time and reflect upon your life, reflect upon yourself, and reflect upon where you are heading.

How do you wish your painting to turn out?


What kind of a story do you wish to create and how do you want to finish your movie?

Indeed, it is crucial to reflect upon these things solidly.


Otherwise, you shall be controlled by restlessness and busy schedule,

And forget that you are the main character of the movie, that you are the artist who is drawing an amazing piece, or that you are both the movie director and main star.


Then what happens is, the story will be confused, or the painting will be messy.


However, you are born on Earth to express your wonderful, unique and original life as an amazing piece of work.


In order to do so, it is important to reflect upon yourself in times.

Of course I know that you have reflected upon yourself and your life for many times, repeatedly in the past.


But observing your life in today’s modern society, I have come to sense that it is quite difficult to broaden your perspective by reflecting upon your life within its restlessness.


Thus, regardless of how busy you are,

I would like you to take time and go to the top of a tall building, or a place that you can look at vast sky, a park, and into wild nature,

And once again, take a look at your life with a wide and broad perspective.


In a sense, the wild nature will support you.

The wild nature will help you recall your truth.


Where have you reached in life, and where do you want to go?

What will be the amazing picture you want to see at the end?

How would you like to develop the story of this movie?

The beautiful, vast and wild nature shall teach you.


Please get help from the nature.

Situate yourself in the environment, it can only be a short time.

It is great if you can go into the wild nature, but if you are too busy, please take time to look at the vast and grand sky.


And for those of you who worked to reflect upon your life with broad perspective in this time of season, the Universe shall support you.


Because if you are more clear about yourself and your life, it will be easier for the Universe to help and give you greater support.


Please forgive yourself to receive the support of Universe.

You do not have to hesitate.

Have the Universe as your ally.

Give a thought about the Universe.


Please think about this;

You are existing here and now as a significant and irreplaceable life, in a particular planet called Earth.


And please make your life shine more than you have until now, the life that can shine only by your hands.


There is no limit nor hesitation necessary to activate your life to the fullest, to shine your unique quality to the fullest.


In fact, Universe, Heaven, wild nature, people you encounter in life, and this whole world, is waiting for it to happen.

Your amazingness exists only in you.


Whether you be hesitant, put a lid and hide it from the world,

Whether you love it, enjoy expressing it, enjoy your existence, enjoy life, and share your amazingness with others by expressing it,


It is all your choice.

I wish you choose the latter.

The support of Universe is coming in a level that is unseen in past, and it shall continue to do so.


It is now a time when Universe is more supportive to who love yourself, express yourself to the Universe saying this is me, this is my amazingness, and I use my amazingness to accomplish these things.

The Universe shall give more support to those that are more specific.


Therefore, there is no need to hesitate or be guilty about showing your amazingness to the Universe.

In fact, please do it solidly on a daily basis.


Showing your amazingness to the Universe.

Please give a thought about the Universe, also for the sake of above.

Please be one with the power of Universe.