I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to talk to you through this channeler.

Today, I would like to address about the importance of the power to discipline yourself, the power to push yourself, and the power to supervise yourself.

In everyday life, you work on variety of challenges.

You experience various things through reality, relationship and society.

And I am sure that sometimes you were not able to accomplish what you once decided, or got bored after couple of days.

Or your initial determination may have blurred during the process, lost track, and at last you may even have lost sight of where you were heading.

You may have lost the direction, and as a consequence, got completely puzzled.

All of this can be resolved by the mental power and autonomy within you.

That is self discipline, supervising and pushing yourself

Many people tend to get easy on themselves.

You are able to follow through promises with other people, but it is hard to keep promises with yourself.

A promise with another person, you care about the relationship, and see the importance of being trusted, so you are able to work hard.

However for a promise with yourself, even if you break it, no one will punish you.

And you will not lose trust from other people.

You simply end up with the result that you couldn’t do what you decided.

This seems as if it has nothing to do with trust and promise with another person, so you feel and think it is okay.

However when this accumulates, the result will be that you cannot accomplish your desire.

No other person will say anything to you.

Even if you had told many people that you are planning on doing it but you couldn’t, they will simply think you weren’t able to do it or you may have had a change in plan.

Amongst them, there may be ones who see through that you talk but don’t actually do.

However, how other people see and criticize you, is not a big problem.

True problem here, is breaking promises with yourself.

There is no one to scold or punish you, so you end up breaking promise with yourself.

Then, there will be no progress in life.

Reality will not change, your hopes and dreams end up as just hopes and dreams.

If this is okay with you, then living such life can be one possibility.

However, that is not you.

There must be something inside you, a dream that you truly wish to materialize, something that you have tremendous passion and think is the very reason you came to Earth for.

Following it through, or trying to recall what that is, that is process of life.

To keep on questioning yourself, and if and when you realize your answer,

You need to keep promise with yourself, and materialize your decision.

Or else, your life will end in just being excited feeling the passion and dream.

Are you able to push yourself?

Are you able to control yourself?

Are you able to follow through the promise with yourself?

‘I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t…’

Are there many things that is left undone like this?

Or, are you always able to do what you decided?

Is your life continuously expanding and are you manifesting your dreams and hopes?

I think there are many things which is left undone and couldn’t see its manifestation.

Why is this?

Why are many people not able to keep promise with themselves?

That is because, it is made that way.

Working hard to accomplish something, taking action and engaging in something, means progress and evolution for you as human being.

Expansion, growth, and ambition to do more.

As humans, you are surly born with resistance toward these.

I don’t want to change, it’s so hard to take actions, I’m scared to challenge new things, I can’t do it…

These negative voices never disappear but continuously repeat within you.

However, it is not something bad, it is a nature.

It is a nature that is equipped within you when you decided to experience life as a human being.

It is not something bad.

It does hinder your growth, hinder change in reality, and hinder manifesting dreams and hopes, however it is not something bad.

It is a nature inherent in you, when you were born as human being.

And it will resist against all kind of matters.

‘I want to do this’

‘This year, I’m going to accomplish that’

‘I am going to work on this’

It excites you when you think about it.

However, once you try to take it into action to see its manifestation, resisting power that interfere you is born inside.

What should you do?

There is no way but for you to overcome the interference that arises.

No one will fight for you.

The resistance arising from within, the choice of not doing it, the voice saying it’s too troublesome, the choice of letting it go…

There is no one else but you to control these things and be in discipline.

Thus, in order to truly manifest your dreams and hopes, and materialize your true desire to have some form in life,

There is no way but to take actions according to your ambition and will to grow, and overcome the interfering force of resistance that is born within you.

Thus in times, it is inevitable to discipline, push, and be tough on yourself.

However, many people are easy on themselves.

I am not saying being easy is not good.

As much as being tough on yourself, it is also important to accept, forgive and be kind to yourself.

It is polar energy and is taking balance.

However, many people understand forgiveness as a feeling similar to ‘oh well, it’s okay’

And it is understood in a different meaning from forgiveness.

As a result, they are conquered by the interference.

They are not able to discipline, and are not able to accomplish.

The ultimate balance is having self discipline, being able to control and push yourself, and following through until the end.

And in times, praising yourself for the amazing work, rewarding yourself, respecting and forgiving your greatness.

For many people, this balance is lost.

That is why they talk a lot but the reality is not changing.

Not only do they not take actions but even criticize.

They only think, yet take no action accordingly.

I see many people fallen in this state.

Now is the time to change this.

If it is not changed, you will forever live a life which it take eternal time to manifest, or you may have dreams but always cannot take equivalent actions.

You will forever live such life.

In its worst case, the interfering force of energy can become the mainstream, and you may fall into criticizing, whining, negative thoughts and words.

Indeed, there are many people who has fallen to this state,

Therefore, Earth is losing its balance.

For the sake of keeping balance of Earth itself, and for the sake of truly keeping balance of each and every one of you,

It is important to push yourself, scold yourself, and be hard on yourself.

This quality is important to have.

But remember this, it is not a penalty of punishment that you impose on yourself, it is love.

I have self discipline.

I am able to be hard on myself.

I am able to push myself.

…This is all love.

In another word, severity and discipline exists with love, or as a form of love.

Are you able to push yourself?

Are you able to discipline yourself?

Are you able to be hard on yourself?

Are you able to coach yourself, for the sake of you, the player’s growth?

Please reflect upon this.

When it is in balance, you shall shift to a very good state.

And you shall grow and have confidence.

You shall become someone who can keep promise with yourself.

You shall be able to keep on creating reality, that can uniquely be materialized by you.

I am Goddess Isis.

Please let me deliver a message to you through this channeler.

Do you have an aspiration or vision to your life or the world?

I want to create this kind of a new world with other people.

I want to develop this aspect of the society.

I want to live this kind of a life.

I wish to accomplish this goal in my life.

I want to live this kind of a lifestyle in the near future.

Do you have a vision or dream for yourself, or to a field in the society or to the world?

I think you of course do.

However, when I look at the people on Earth, of course there are many with vision, dream and aspiration, but I notice that they are very ambiguous and vague.

Dreams, goals and visions need to be clear and concrete.

The clearer it is, the more concentration you will obtain from it, and it will be solidly inputted in yourself.

Also for us, who are willing to support you, we will be able to recognize it clearly and specifically.

If it is not specific but vague, it is very difficult to understand what you are actually wanting to do.

To have a vision.

To set a concrete state you wish to strive for.

The clearer you make it, the stronger a signal you send out to the Higher Beings, Heaven, God and Universe.

It also helps to verbalize, discuss, create a visual image, and any other ways to create a vision that use the five senses.

Where are you heading for and what do you want to achieve?

It is necessary to make those vision which for many people is very vague, into something more clear and specific.

You have the power to manifest your aspiration and dream into reality.

Haven’t you experienced making your dream come true, sometimes very quick and sometimes after many years? And after its manifestation, you realize that you once dreamt about it long time ago?

The world you see now.

It manifested because there were people who wished for it.

I want to build a tall building and use it for business or residence, for the sake of making a more convenient society.

There were people who wished for it, thus it has manifested into concrete reality.

Whether you are aware or not, the things you see are what you wished somewhere sometime.

It means, the things humanity wished and pictured take shape in this world.

Also I think you know that there are many things which you wish it didn’t exist.

Crime, fight, war, hatred, lies…

Negative things that seem like no one wished for its manifestation, actually does exist in this world.

However, in a sense, it is also a manifestation of what existed inside humans.

Within each one of you, different factors are all in fusion, and it is creating a balanced state.

If harmony and peace is not established but conflict and internal fight exists within, you shall see it outside of yourself.

If you are lying to yourself and live a false life, you will see someone deceiving someone else, or you may be involved in such experience.

Therefore, even if you think ‘I never wished for such thing’ what you see and experience are simply what you unconsciously possess and manifested into reality.

Thus what is seen in front of you and what is created in your life, all originate from you.

You are responsible for its creation.

Therefore, for the world that you wish to create, and the goal you want to accomplish,

I ask you to have conscious intention.

Please focus, picture in clear detail, and maintain it clearly.

To such an extent, each one of you have the power to manifest the things you wish and picture.

You are gifted with this power, more than you imagine.

If you are being drifted by something unexpected, or if life is full of unpleasant things,

And you wonder ‘Why am I in such situation?’ ‘Why is relationship so stressful?’

If something unpleasant is manifesting as reality, it was attracted and created by something inside you.

Those things that pour into your reality before you even think.

Those things that is created from your subconscious mind.

Although you may not be aware, but you actually pictured those things somewhere inside you and resulted as reality.

Experience those reality.

Don’t keep on being drifted by them, but you need to shift direction to create your own life.

If not, you will be tossed about by the reality that is continuously generated by the subconscious mind.

You will be effected by those reality, and your life will be a passive one, a matter of how you correspond to those happenings.

However, this is not your true power.

You are here to create your life with your intention and power.

And if you are creating something, you need to be clear about what you are creating.

For example, when you cook.

You don’t start collecting ingredients and spices or start frying and boiling, without picturing and deciding the dish you want to make.

Cooking randomly without setting a goal.

Surprisingly, it may turn out to be an amazing meal, but fundamentally, you start with your wish to eat and cook a particular food, and imagine the finished meal you wish to eat.

That comes first, and as its process, you fry and boil, mix spices and cut the ingredients.

Same with your life.

I want to accomplish this in my life.

I want to achieve this state in about this timeline in future.

I want to work on this field of the society, and create this kind of change.

I want to provide this service and make this many people happy.

Setting specific time and numbers will of course be a help.

What do you want to create?

What reality do you want to see in your life?

It will not come spontaneously.

It will not be answered by a fortuneteller to your question of ‘What should I do with my life?’

You are the creator.

So please, ask yourself in this very moment.

What do you want to accomplish in your life?

What will be your action and as its consequence, and who do you want to make happy?

What change do you want in life and society as a result of using your inborn gift?

Regarding your lifestyle, how do you wish it to be, in how many years?

Picture all of these things in specific detail as you can.

You can write it down.

Using the power of spoken words, you can recite them every day.

You can draw a picture.

Have your vision concrete and clear.

If you can see it in great detail, as a visible real image, the manifestation has already begun from that point.

Hold that complete vision firmly, and from that point, you will embark on the process of how to achieve it through your life.

Then it will not be a life of being drifted by happenings created by your unintentional subconscious mind,

But a life you create, a life with initiative and control.

Live the art, the art called true life.

That, is the life of an artist.

I assume you already have a vision.

However, they are still ambiguous in detail.

Review them so that it becomes dozens and hundreds of times more specific.

You may lead a busy life.

However, being tossed about by busy life means you are controlled by subconscious mind.

Secure your time and reflect upon yourself.

Stop, take time and question yourself.

How do I wish to develop my lifestyle?

What do I want to achieve?

How do I want to change myself?

What lifestyle do I want?

How would I utilize my talent and contribute to people?

What change and development do I wish to see in my society?

If it is something that harness your inborn characteristics,

If it is something that make you live your truth,

If it is something that contribute to the growth and happiness of you and people around you,

We will support you anytime.

If order for us to support, I ask you to clarify your vision to us and to Universe.

Please work on this right now.

If you do not do this today, today will be a day for you to be fooled by subconscious mind.

Hold a solid vision every day.

Hammer it into your head; you are doing what you are doing, in order to complete that vision.

By doing so, your energy and the flow of everyday life, shall transform.

Hope will arise from inside.

And your original and unique talent will happily come out from you, for the sake of its accomplishment.

When you picture your vision, please enjoy and be happy.

Not from obligation or rational thinking, but like a child playing with a favorite toy,

Enjoy, and have fun picturing it.

The vision you complete in joy, will surely contribute to the new Earth, world and people.

Please work on this for your growth, your joy and fun,

For you to further use the gift and talent you brought all the way down here, on Earth.

Show us more specific and fun vision.

I will be looking forward for it.

I am Goddess Isis.

I am grateful for this opportunity to meet and talk to you through this channeler.

I would like to send my New Year’s greetings to all of you.


You may already have noticed, but this New Year that just started has a different feeling as if you have entered a completely new dimension.


In fact, a beginning of new cycle is taking place right now.


Concepts and ideas from the past are gradually dying.

Cycle to end those elements took place just before this new one.


Things you cannot carry on to the new time, and things you cannot carry on to the world of higher vibration saw its completion and finished its role.


I think you experienced it in your personal life in various forms, or might have felt such sensation.


And because the old were able to finish, a brand new cycle is starting.


Now that a new year has begun, some of you may be experiencing a light and clear feel, or a fun, happy, light hearted sensation, with no clear reason.


Of course it depends on each of your life situation, but the whole cycle of Earth and humanity has ascended to a new dimension, and we are now entering a brand new stage.


In starting this new stage and cycle, there is something I sincerely would like to address to you.


That is smile and laughter.

In daily life, how often do you laugh?

How often do you talk to others with a smile?

Or do you walk the streets without a smile but in a numb face?


You meet many different people every day.

When you walk down the street, when you enter a shop, when you take the train, in your work place, in your private life, and at your home.

Every day, you have chance to meet many people.


In those moments, do you smile to the person in front of you?

Or do you let it pass in a bland face without any pleasant conversation, because you don’t know them well?


You may never have a chance to meet that person again.

Even if it’s someone you have met many times, it could be the last time.


Like the Japanese proverb suggest, meeting someone is ‘ichigo-ichie’ (treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.)

For those people with a strong and deep link, you shall continue to encounter them.


Whom you live with every day, whom you spend long hours at work.

Maybe you know each other too well that you take them for granted.


Maybe you forget to thank them, maybe you don’t say any greetings and do not bother to care.


However even if you meet them often, that encounter is a precious happening that only exist in that very day.


Even if you meet them often, there is a very specific interaction possible for that very day that is different from either the day before or day after.


When you meet someone, even with those who you now take for granted, do you express your love?

Do you express gratitude?


Do you express care?

Do you express appreciation?

Are you attentive to that person?

Do you smile when you talk with them?


There is a tremendous difference between a state with laughter and without laughter, in regards with your life’s energy, vibration and fortune.


Not smiling or laughing when you communicate, or show no expression as if you were a faceless ghost.

Ignoring, saying no words, and not showing the slightest smile, even if it was a small encounter that hardly call for any conversation.


Now, compare a life with such attitude, and a life with small effort to create a small conversation with a restaurant staff, smiling or complimenting about something of them.


If you smile and talk to the person you meet that day.

It may be the most insignificant conversation but if you can enjoy that small interaction, there shall be a great difference between the two lives.


You do not smile because you are happy and full of joy.


You smile because a smile makes people happy and brings light to the world.

Then as a result you become fulfilled and the vibration of your life heightens.

That is why you smile and laugh.


How many times in a day, do you hold your sides with laughter?

Do you not laugh because there is nothing funny?


Do you not because there is nothing to laugh so much about?

The world is full of things that can make you burst into laughter and tumble on ground.


In fact, your life itself is so dramatic.

You do not laugh because there is something funny.

Enjoy life, enjoy your existence, and enjoy every single event in daily life.


Do you actively get interested in the dramatic story of your life?

Laughter starts from there.


Laughter is the simplest way to heighten the vibration of life and fortune.

In other words, no matter how much you learn and practice to raise energy, no positive fate will come to those who is a faceless zombie.


Do you think you are an interesting, dramatic and curious existence?

Can you enjoy life as if you are riding a jet coaster?


What will I, the leading star, be up to doing this year?

Can you get excited and interested about you and your life?

Are you captivated in yourself?


Please become madly in love with yourself.

This person is so interesting, what surprise will they do with their life?

I can’t wait to see what they’ll do!


This person makes my life so fun!

I can’t believe they can do such a thing.

Oh my god, is this actually possible?


Please actively enjoy your existence and life.

Get interested and fall in love.

And laugh about it with all your soul.


I have addressed this message many times before.

You may feel as if you have heard something similar.


However because you have started a new cycle, a new year, so I am addressing this message anew.


Live every day and week with a smile.

Get interested and enjoy all experiences in life.

Laugh with all your soul.


Depending on how much you do this, the new cycle can be fun and productive, or just boring.


Laughing and living with a smile is so important, to this much of an extent.

In other words, heightening your vibration is simple.


Please laugh!

You do not laugh because there is something fun and interesting.

You start the laugh from yourself.

Smile at other people.

Smile at your life.


If you smile at your life, then your life shall respond to you.


If you smile at yourself, your inner self will happily show unbelievable power.


Human being can exercise tremendous power, and you have witnessed this many times.


Humans acquire a physical body and is born on Earth, to exercise the miraculous power they originally have.


Without an exception, everyone is born with a surprising power that is almost unbelievable to be reality.


However, it will never be put forth unless the door is opened by themselves.

In order to do so, smile at yourself.

Enjoy your life and laugh out loud.

Fall madly in love with yourself.


You are worthy of being madly loved by yourself, and if you love yourself so much, then many others shall also love you.


Smile from this moment.

Smile at everyone you meet.


Not just humans but at animals, flowers, trees, all and any beautiful things creating the scenery of town.

Smile at your everything.


When people see you smile, they become happy.

When you make someone happy, you become happier.

Be brave, talk and smile at someone you have first met.


Everyone is waiting to be smiled at.

Everyone is waiting to be talked to.

Everyone is waiting to be cared about.

Everyone is wanting to be treated nicely.


When you wake up in morning, smile at yourself.

Smile at yourself, over and over again.


If you cannot smile at yourself, you cannot truly smile at anyone you meet in life.

That shall be a lonely and boring life.


You are born in this world as a great being who can smile at many people and bring happiness to many others.

Smile at people and bring happiness to others.

Then you will be fulfilled and embrace happiness yourself.


Start everyday with smiling at yourself, smiling at everything in your life, and appreciating them.

Start every morning with this action.


If you live with a smile, the new cycle and New Year will be splendid and fulfilling.


Always smile at people around you, at all living being, and at everything of your life.

This attitude will invoke more blessings from Heaven and Universe.


Whenever and whatever it may be, live with a smile.


And make this a splendid and productive new cycle, with your very hands.


I am Goddess Isis.

It is my pleasure to talk to you through this channeler.


I am always watching over you as my dear and irreplaceable children.


Today I would like to address that an extremely fun time is approaching now.


Finally the previous social structure is coming to an end, and new vibration, new wisdom and new universal energy is being brought to the people on Earth.


One after another it is coming down on this planet, therefore, all and every things are rapidly changing in this very moment.


I assume you must have felt that change, in your own ways.


Unique idea that had never existed in the past are brought out in society, things that were thought to be inconceivable are actually happening in the world, and new ideas are being born one after another.


On the other hand, you must be physically perceiving that a new vibration different from the past time, is being established here on Earth.


Earth is surely in the middle of its ascending process to a new state, and accordingly, you who have come down on Earth as humankind,


Are now to make more use of the treasure you each have brought, for the sake of manifesting a new time in history.


Indeed, each one of you have brought a treasure to Earth.

It can be called talent.

It can be called charm.

It can be called characteristic, individuality, or quality.


It is certainly a fact that you have brought such a treasure, and regardless of you being aware or not aware, you have been exercising its power in your life until today.


However, you have the power to exercise it in a greater scale.

It is important to continuously ask yourself; what is the uniqueness that I have?

In life, it is very important to reflect upon this question.


Of course, this is an important question you shall always ask yourself continuously in the future as well.


It is tremendously important to always ask yourself.

Because, you will not obtain an answer if you do not question.


You have the ability to exercise a miraculous power, and you are born with everything necessary in doing so.


But what exactly is that?

What is my mission?

What is the amazing gift I have brought with me?

What is the unique power I have, that help me contribute to the people and world?


If you do not ask yourself this question, it will not be awaken.

Therefore, it is crucial to ask yourself, and I want you to always do so.


The Universe is wanting for you to exercise your unique individuality, steadily fulfill your mission, and by doing so, embrace true bliss and true happiness in your life.


We are always watching and supporting you for that reason.


Please ask yourself;

What is my individuality?

What am I trying to achieve in life?

What can I do for the people, for the world and for my own happiness?


This question is surely important than any other questions.

You took the trouble to come all the way down to Earth, for its very sake.


This work that you shall be devoting your whole life, is something that is needed by the future Earth and society.


Talents and ideas you offer and your accomplishments, shall save others and make them happy.


Society will change for the better, and Earth, society and its people shall certainly progress.


The amazing treasure you each have brought, will inevitably contribute to people’s growth, joy and happiness.

It contributes to create a better world and society, and for it to further develop.


To me, it is as though each one of you are here on Earth as a special artist.


Everyone here on Earth right now, is an artist to express an amazingly, unique art.

The better society of new times, is a collective body of your respective and unique artwork.

That, is the new future of Earth.


The new Earth can manifest an amazing world, only if each one of you express your very own art.

Once again, I ask you to be aware of this and remind yourselves from time to time.


Now, there is something I would like you to consider.

Like I have just mentioned, each one of you are the artist to draw amazing world of future Earth, and accomplish its manifestation.


Everyone’s art and everyone’s expression is needed, however, many of the humans on Earth, who is the artist, have unfortunately sealed it with a lid.


I am not a big deal

I am not talented

Other people are greater than me

I am going to follow someone who’s doing it

Let someone take care of it


You are to take initiative to exercise your unique power, however, many people don’t believe or they don’t even know that they have such a power within themselves.


Not only do they not remember or know, but their mindset is working to seal the unique personal treasure.


I am not ready

I am not talented

I don’t like myself


I am not perfect

I am not as good as them

I am not important


Like this, many people are giving themselves negative self evaluation.


Please let me repeat once again.

Without exception, everyone has a unique and original role,

It helps others grow and become happier, and bring positive progress in the world.


There is not one person without this power.

However, many people not only do not believe in this, but unfortunately are giving themselves low and negative self evaluation.


The truth is, in order to awaken your unique amazingness and power,

In order to awaken the power inside you, the power you possess to accomplish your mission that you have decided to fulfill,

In order to do so, you ultimately need to love yourself.

It shall awaken by loving yourself.


No matter how much others, your friends, parents, companions see through and praise your gift saying

You are so great

You have such an amazing talent

You can do it


No matter how much they encourage you, if you ultimately conclude it is not so,

The true power inside you cannot emerge, because they were not acknowledged by yourself.


Thus, no matter how much your teacher, senior, junior, friend and colleague praise and evaluate you,

If you don’t value, acknowledge and respect yourself, your power will not emerge.


Even if it does emerge, because you do not acknowledge yourself, and although you are accomplishing amazing and great work, you shall be living a painful life without a sense of self acceptance.


For those of you who have gathered here today, I sincerely hope you to change this.


I am amazing

I love myself

I accept myself

I value who I am


Accepting yourself as you are

I cannot describe how vital this is.


When you live with this mindset and attitude, your true nature inside shall shout ‘Yes!’ and be in rejoice that it was recognized by themselves, and be able to emerge from you.


If you undervalue yourself in some way, it cannot emerge.


Please, know this, and you may already be practicing, but I ask you to be even more conscious and practice further.


I want you to remove and clear any words or thoughts inside you that deny and let you down.


Your life will continuously develop and change.

There is no limit saying ‘I have fully grown’ ‘I have become the best I can be’

You will develop according to your effort in sophisticating yourself.


However, regardless of how much you can further develop, you are already perfect in that very moment.

In a sense, you are an imperfectly perfect existence.

In every parts of your life, you are a perfect existence.


You are a perfect existence who can continue to grow.

That is who you are.


Right in this moment, you are perfect.

Right in this moment, you can accomplish an amazing miracle,

You can save many people, and you can encourage many people

You are someone who can contribute to manifest a better society.


Right in this moment, right in this place, you have it all.

It is not something you work hard, study and strive for 10 years, 20 years.

It is not what you can finally accomplish by understanding something great.


Right in this very moment, you are able to harness your innate divine nature, save other people and change this world.


On this very day, it is possible.

To do so, it is indispensable to love and respect yourself.


Your inner self, is wishing to be loved by you.

Is wishing to be recognized by you.

It cannot emerge without loving and accepting.


When you are able to love and respect yourself, when you are able to treasure yourself,

Not with logic but truthfully with your heart and with your soul,


You will see an extraordinary power emerging from yourself,

You will be able to accomplish unimaginable achievements,

And you will recognize the true power you held inside.


To such degree, the power that is generated when you acknowledge and love your inner self is far beyond what you can imagine.


You have an extraordinary power, far greater than your understanding.

I am sure that you know many people who have made great achievements in history and in modern time.


I assume that you have witnessed something truly impressive being accomplished in the world.

Something that left you in awe that it was actually possible for a human being to have done and create something so amazing.


That indeed is the truth.

Each and every one of you have the potential to achieve an extraordinary work.

You have all the power to obtain that great work.


It is you that is stopping it to happen.

You have a self-image of yourself, about your capacity, about your power.


However, that is functioning as the limit to suppress your power.

It needs to be changed.


When you break that image and clear your limit of your current capacity, you will witness an unimaginable power emerging from you.


I sincerely wish for those of you who are here now, to be the pioneer to undergo this experience.

Some of you may be actually convinced about what I am currently telling you.


You must have had such experience in your life.

However, a limit needs to be cleared over and over again.


When you clear the limit and exercise a power that is even unexpected by yourself, you will understand your true great power.


But when you understand that ‘it’ is you, than it shall again become your new limit.

Therefore, you will always need to clear your limitation.


Ultimately, I would like you to reach a state without any limit, but just infinite potential.


I sincerely ask you to remove your self-image, the conception of yourself, the image, the limit you have imposed on yourself, and bring forth a miracle.


When you bring forth a miracle, that is to achieve greatness by exercising your power,


Many people, the people around you will become happy and be filled with joy.

You will also be fulfilled that you have succeeded in making the people around you to rejoice in happiness.


You will be able to make an amazing contribution to the world, and because you were able to contribute to the world, you shall embrace greater happiness.


I want you to experience this as reality, actually with physical perception.

Please become a good role model.


When you clear your limit, love yourself, make achievements by exercising your power, people will witness and think ‘maybe I can do it too’ ‘I want to do it’


They will take actions to overcome their limit, love themselves, and believe in their possibility.

Please become such a good role model.


You may already have been putting it into practice.

Please, accelerate your action further.

Please create a miracle that can surprise the people around you.


If you take the initiative to become a good role model, 10 people, 100 people, 1000 people, more and more people who saw you, will follow your footsteps to create their own miracles.


When everyone clear their limitation, exercise their full innate power, and express their unique art,

A new world will manifest on the ground of Earth.


This process is indispensable to manifest a new, better and amazing world.

A new world cannot be manifested without removing your limitation, loving yourself and accepting your significance.


Therefore, I ask you again.

Please love yourself.

Please love your whole entire life.

You are an irreplaceable, precious, unique, special and amazing existence.


You must have been working on loving yourself until today.

However, once again, please make effort to love yourself today.

I, am always loving you.

I am Goddess Isis.


I thank you for the opportunity to talk to you through this channeler.


I shall address things that I wish, through this channeler.


Right now, it is the time of year which the sky is very beautiful in the world you live.


In your daily life, do you look up at the sky?


In this time of year, the sky is beautiful and very clear compared to other seasons.

Have you given yourself time to look up at the sky?


Do you ever take plentiful time to gaze at the vast and beautiful sky?


During this season which the sky is so beautiful, I would like you to take time and gaze at it.


One of this reason is because I would like you to have a broad perspective and to look at matters with a grand mind.

And also because I would like you to always be reminded to do so.


In everyday life, you tend to get short sighted and be caught in small details.


Of course, I am not saying it shall be ignored or you shall not be caught in small things.


Happenings in life, relationships, and trifles all have its significance and they happen before your eyes for it is necessary.

Thus you should not ignore them, however


Although each of them may be small trifles, it will make a big difference if you are able to deal with a big heart and wide perspective.


Thus in order to keep a broad perspective, especially in the upcoming time when it is crucial to have a wide view, I come before you to address this matter.


Do you ever send your heart out to the Universe?


Were you aware that the Galactic System you know, is just a tiny part of much larger, extremely vast Universe?


When you are living your life in normal realistic world, you might not give much thought about the Universe.


If you are someone particularly curious and interested, you may be conscious and get excited about such information.


However for many of you, time is passing whilst you are caught by what is happening in front of your eyes.


But when you look at all and everything; your existence, and even your very life, with the vast perspective of Universe, you shall notice a significant change in what you see.


In your past experience, when you gave a thought about the Universe, embarked out into wild nature, or visited the vast ocean,

When you were surrounded in those environments, didn’t you notice how small an existence you are?


You might have had this experience several times.


However once you are back in ordinary life, you become short sighted, irritated, be caught in restlessness, and end your day without being aware of much things.

Sometimes, your life may continue for days like that.


What is in front of you, and what you are working on daily basis.

They are all important.

However, it is also essential to look at it as an important part of the greater canvas of life.


Your life is an amazing painting.

It is a movie.

It is a story.


When you are vigorously living every day, every moment, and each precious scene of your life, they come together to make a movie, a story, and a great piece of painting.


From time to time, it is important to look at not only each of the scenes, but at the whole picture, as the broad and overall view of your life.


I understand you have many things that make you short sighted.

Relationship, work, trouble, study, feeling, experience, thought, emotion, sense.


Each and every scene is a crucial part of the painting being drawn on the canvas of life.

It is an important scene of the movie called life.


Each and every scene that compose the movie of life are truly essential.


It is an irreplaceable and precious moment, and if you waste the time or experience of your life for even one moment, it shall ruin its story.


All scene and all moment compose a story of life, and there is not one second that is meaningless nor insignificant.


When you are drawing the amazing painting on to your life canvas, there is not one touch that is meaningless nor unimportant of the each and every brush that compose the grand painting.

Without that one touch, the painting shall not be complete.


Also for your life, if you did not have this one precious moment, there shall be a hole in the story.

Within your life, movie story, and the painting drawn on your canvas, there is not one part that is not valuable or meaningless.


Each and every moment come together to complete an extraordinary masterpiece.


Indeed, you are living each and every moment of your life in order to complete the splendid painting drawn on your life canvas, and in order to finish your original movie that is none like any other.


To such a degree, your life is an amazing and wonderful piece of work.

Not one moment nor one touch is unimportant.


Therefore, I ask you to not be caught in each touch or each scene,

However to look at each day, each hour, and each moment as a part of your amazing movie story which you complete with your entire life.


Or else, you shall lose sight of the overall vision of what you are drawing, if you are caught in each scene or each touch of painting brush.


So please, I ask you to look at the beautiful sky of this season.


I want to you to look at the beautiful clouds floating.


Crisp and clear air, the breathtaking view beneath the vast and beautiful sky.

The amazing scenery you can only see, because you came here on Earth.

I want you to look at it as the overall picture.


You can go up on a tall building.

Going to the ocean is even better.

Look at the vast sea, look at the beautiful sky laying above,

Enjoy the sound of waves that continuously come and go, and tune your pulse to its rhythm.


Detach yourself from each life scene that you engage in, and let yourself exist with the great sky, great sea, and any great and beautiful scenery, as if you are looking at the grand overall view.


Upon existing in such situation, I want you to reflect upon your life anew.


What have you draw on your painting so far?

How have you acted and created your movie so far?

How will you draw your painting from now on?

Which colors do you need more on your canvas?


What do you really wish to draw on your canvas?

How would you like the story to develop?

How would you write the script from now on?


Now is the time to reflect upon your life, by situating yourself in the beautiful wild nature, the grand scenery of vast, beautiful, and wild nature.


I am constantly observing you striving the busy modern society, and I am very happy and glad of your achievements.


However in times, it is important to take plentiful time and reflect upon your life, reflect upon yourself, and reflect upon where you are heading.

How do you wish your painting to turn out?


What kind of a story do you wish to create and how do you want to finish your movie?

Indeed, it is crucial to reflect upon these things solidly.


Otherwise, you shall be controlled by restlessness and busy schedule,

And forget that you are the main character of the movie, that you are the artist who is drawing an amazing piece, or that you are both the movie director and main star.


Then what happens is, the story will be confused, or the painting will be messy.


However, you are born on Earth to express your wonderful, unique and original life as an amazing piece of work.


In order to do so, it is important to reflect upon yourself in times.

Of course I know that you have reflected upon yourself and your life for many times, repeatedly in the past.


But observing your life in today’s modern society, I have come to sense that it is quite difficult to broaden your perspective by reflecting upon your life within its restlessness.


Thus, regardless of how busy you are,

I would like you to take time and go to the top of a tall building, or a place that you can look at vast sky, a park, and into wild nature,

And once again, take a look at your life with a wide and broad perspective.


In a sense, the wild nature will support you.

The wild nature will help you recall your truth.


Where have you reached in life, and where do you want to go?

What will be the amazing picture you want to see at the end?

How would you like to develop the story of this movie?

The beautiful, vast and wild nature shall teach you.


Please get help from the nature.

Situate yourself in the environment, it can only be a short time.

It is great if you can go into the wild nature, but if you are too busy, please take time to look at the vast and grand sky.


And for those of you who worked to reflect upon your life with broad perspective in this time of season, the Universe shall support you.


Because if you are more clear about yourself and your life, it will be easier for the Universe to help and give you greater support.


Please forgive yourself to receive the support of Universe.

You do not have to hesitate.

Have the Universe as your ally.

Give a thought about the Universe.


Please think about this;

You are existing here and now as a significant and irreplaceable life, in a particular planet called Earth.


And please make your life shine more than you have until now, the life that can shine only by your hands.


There is no limit nor hesitation necessary to activate your life to the fullest, to shine your unique quality to the fullest.


In fact, Universe, Heaven, wild nature, people you encounter in life, and this whole world, is waiting for it to happen.

Your amazingness exists only in you.


Whether you be hesitant, put a lid and hide it from the world,

Whether you love it, enjoy expressing it, enjoy your existence, enjoy life, and share your amazingness with others by expressing it,


It is all your choice.

I wish you choose the latter.

The support of Universe is coming in a level that is unseen in past, and it shall continue to do so.


It is now a time when Universe is more supportive to who love yourself, express yourself to the Universe saying this is me, this is my amazingness, and I use my amazingness to accomplish these things.

The Universe shall give more support to those that are more specific.


Therefore, there is no need to hesitate or be guilty about showing your amazingness to the Universe.

In fact, please do it solidly on a daily basis.


Showing your amazingness to the Universe.

Please give a thought about the Universe, also for the sake of above.

Please be one with the power of Universe.


I am Goddess Isis.

There is a message I would like to deliver to you through this channeler.


You can go to heaven if only your heart is as pure as a baby.

I think you have heard of this.


As it says, you are not permitted to enter heaven unless you are pure and innocent as a child.


In other words, you can only connect with God and celestial beings with the pure child in you.


Now what does it mean to be a pure child?


What does it mean to live with a pure heart?


What does it mean to live with kindness, mercy and affection, to always care for others and express love through action?


You are pure,

A divine being,

A special existence.


Even if you had ego, even if you were conquered by that ego in times, even if you had thoughts of or expressed anger, hatred and other negative things, your real nature is the innocent Children of God itself.


The pure God that you are, cannot be dishonored whatsoever, and when you live as the pure Children of God, you are blessed from both Heaven and Universe.


Then you will connect to and receive love from God,

And because you live the pure you, you will be able to exercise your extraordinary power.


Moreover, by manifesting your pure power, you will be able to connect with Heaven and Universe.


Are you living like that?


When you are depressed, angry, negative, be in anxiety or fear, aren’t you not the pure you?


Are you not pure when you are feeling your simple anger or frustration?

What is the pure you?


Anger and dissatisfaction, complaint, negative ideas.

If you grumble, hurt others with negative words, do something uncomfortable to others, all because it is your honest feeling, would you say you are pure because you are being true to yourself?


Anxiety, fear, grumbling, anger

You do not have to deny this.


Even if it is negativity, anger, anxiety or fear, you are pure when you are feeling it, it is not something you shouldn’t feel.


Rather more, if you take it as negative, bad, unforgivable feelings and deny yourself, or deny the anger, fear, and negativity you felt, that is worse.


The anger, dissatisfaction, stress or negativity will not disappear by denying.


On the other hand, accepting it, accepting what you felt, accepting that you were dissatisfied


Accepting how much you fear, accepting what you are jealous about,

It is very important to not deny but plainly accept what you felt and what you thought.


Otherwise, if you deny them, it will not go away,

It is just concealed and will always stay there, it will become a bigger energy and make you suffer

Controversially it will be given greater power.


Anxiety, fear, anger, discontent, hatred

Those feelings which is usually taken as negative and bad, there is no one person who have never felt them.


Everyone is experiencing life to undergo these diverse kinds of feelings.


Now what does it mean to be pure?


The first thing I would like to tell you, is to accept and acknowledge the feelings inside you as it is.


I am saying, regardless of it being positive or negative.

You have various experiences in everyday life.


Communicating and engaging with people with different characteristic, in times you feel joy, and in times you feel negativity.


All of those are wonderful experiences.

That is exactly life.


You become happy, fulfilled, impressed, energized, and motivated, and other times, depressed, frustrated, be in sorrow and pain

All of that is life. It means you are living.


Your feelings and sensations, whatever that may be I want you to accept it as it is.

In a sense, that is one of your purity.


Feel as you wish to feel.

Accept what you felt.


No matter the reaction you have, no matter the feeling and sensation you experience,

No matter what goes through your mind,

I ask you to accept it as it is.


But of course, you are also experiencing those feelings and sensations in order to discover yourself.


For instance, fear and anxiety.

The true and divine self that you are, does not have fear nor anxiety.

There is no need to have them.


However, by coming down on this ground as human being, you started to have those experiences.


Anger and fury

Those feelings are born when things go off from what you hope, or how you think it should be.


In other words, you are anticipating.

When things does not go the way you wish, when it does not equal your anticipation, anger is born.


Thus, you are able to understand through your feelings of anger, what you are anticipating, what you are hoping for.


In a sense, any feeling and any sensation are useful to discover yourself.


Why do I feel rage toward this?

Why do I hate this?

Why do I feel anxious?

Those feelings and sensation can help you retrieve your true state as a Divine Being.


The pure you, is you as a God.

You as a God, is light itself.

And there, is no fear nor anxiety.


You received a physical body to experience Earth, then you started to experience what is called feelings.


By doing so, you started to experience what your Godly state will never have experienced.


Thus it turned out to be that you become angry, anxious, happy and experience diversity of feelings and sensations.


It is something added afterwards to your Divine Essence, the pure and real you.


That means, your feelings and sensations may not be your purity.


However, you who received a physical body and started to experience feelings and sensations, is indeed pure you.

The feelings and sensations you experience there, is pure you.


Now what is purity?

What does it mean to live your Divine Essence?


Are you being honest and loyal to your Divine Essence?

I would like to question your purity in this context..


Many people are awakening to live in harmony with their purity and truth.

I am very happy to see that.

It happens because many people are living according to themselves that is not actually themselves.


You, who you think you should be.

You, who you were taught as the proper way to be.

Trying to be a good person, trying to be someone who others want you to be


As its result, you become uncomfortable.

You live who you are not, and you don’t even notice that, and thus many people have lost sight of their truth


I want to retrieve myself.

People who have awakened to live who they truly are, are becoming free from who they thought they are,

And quit living who they believed they should be, or what they were taught,

And opening their eyes to live who they truly are.


I have always been waiting for this, so I am very happy to see people awakening, standing up to live who they are, their progress and growth.


But in this process, I see the tendency of people wanting to be honest to everything, to the things they feel, the sensations they have, or the thoughts that come into their mind.

That in times, can go off track from living your Divine Essence.


Living the person you are, and stop living who you are not

This awakening is indeed a happy one, what I have long awaited, however,

I am not doing it when I am angry, because I am true to myself


I am saying no to what I hate, I verbalize my feelings.

I am observing that those honesty and purity, is becoming a bit off from your true Divine Essence.


Purity and living yourself means to live your divine true essence.

What you think, what you feel.

They were not included in your true essence as a God.


When you came down to your body and started living the physical world, feelings and sensations were born.

That comes from your human aspects.


As mentioned, it is very important to not deny but accept and acknowledge all of your feelings.


To forgive, love and accept your honest feelings.

This is very important.


Being true to yourself.

This is very important.


Feelings, the sensations that arise,

In order to know yourself, feeling and sensation can even be a tool to teach who you are.


Not deny but accept feelings and sensations.

This is important.


However, they do not originate from your Divine Essence, but it was born when you received a physical body.


Regardless of the importance of accepting and acknowledging a certain reaction that arise within you,

Many of them does not come from Godly Essence, but come from the human side of you that is far from your Godly Essence.


Of course, even if they are not conscious, everyone is living this life for the sake of returning to God.


During this journey to return to God called life, you discover yourself through looking at the feelings and sensations that arise,

And when you surpass especially your feelings,

You will overcome all feelings

And you will return to the God that you are, who is never affected by any feelings.


Therefore, feeling and sensation is a wonderful thing.

However, because you are determined to live honestly, you say words that convey raw feeling that may hurt others

Or say something negative and hurt other people,


That is, a much better state than putting a lid like, denying those feelings and smile although you are actually hurt, or suppress your anger


However, it is completely far from living true to your Divinity.


Honestly expressing whatever you feel.

This may look like a pure expression of yourself, but in times, it can become egotism.


Also in relationship, rather than constrain true feelings and act falsely, it is better to express honestly and create a better relationship by revealing each other.


If you wear a mask and hide your feelings, others will surely notice.


Others will either consciously or unconsciously sense that you are not opening up, and so they shall not open themselves up to you similarly.


Thus, it is important to honestly express what you truly felt and thought.

However, that purity is different from the purity of living honestly and loyally to your Divine Essence.


Please think about it once again.

What is purity?

What does it mean to live in pureness?

What does it mean to live as who you are?


Not doing what you don’t like

Is that pure?

To live your pure divine self means, to grow continuously.


It is to proceed continuously.

It is to harness your wonderfulness, and contribute to the people and world.


It is to love and cherish your beauty, greatness, gift as God, and to enjoy yourself,

It is to be grateful to every moment of your precious lifetime and live in joy

And it is to share the above to the people you encounter through those experiences.


There may be hard times and there may be painful times.

Growing, often comes with pain.


Sad farewell, painful experience

They are also a precious life experience to help you grow.

Not doing it because you hate it, or because it is painful

That is totally the wrong path from living the Godly Essence.


What does it mean to live in pureness?

What does it mean to express your purity?

Please think about it once again.


You are pure,

You have been pure,

And you will continue to be pure.


You are originally, by nature, a pure being.

Your purity shall never be dishonored.


Because that is impossible.

You are God itself.

You are pure light.


You are nothing else but that.

What does it mean to be pure and Godly?

You must have heard this expression many times.


Purity, live in pureness

This expression is received and interpreted as per individual because everyone has different thoughts, values, and personal subjective.


Live in pureness, living the Divine Essence, live as who you are

Please review your personal subjective, ideas, and values about the above,

And think about it in a much deeper context.


To say whatever you feel and everyone living selfishly, is not Heaven on Earth.


Humbleness is necessary to live, and self-control is also necessary to live life.

Whilst undergoing the painful and harsh feelings born upon experiencing life challenges from Universe, you need the strength to overcome those obstacles.


What is the pure you?

What does it mean to live in pureness?


Please thoroughly get in touch with your purity, in a much deeper level than you have before.

Please get in touch with it, not with your head, but with your heart and soul.


When you touch your purity in a deeper level than before, and when you live that purity,

Your world and the society on Earth, shall also transform.


I am Goddess Isis.

I thank you for being able to talk to you, through this channeler.


Do you all know about the remains and cities that sank in Earth’s ocean, what lies in the bottom of sea?

Such cities and towns that sank in seabed, exist all over the world.


Many of you may know about this.

Research are done about underwater ruins and results are delivered, so it is possible to know about the site even if you are on ground.


It is the trace of ancient civilization that existed on this planet.

It is the city and town that actually flourished, going back a long long period of time.


Seabed elevation and crustal deformation.

Because Earth is also a living entity, its form is constantly changing.

During long period of time, it went through great change from a state that is completely different from that of you know today.


Ancient civilization that blossomed on ground, now have sank in bottom of sea, and you are able to see its remains.


Hidden enormous power is there in underwater remains.

Although it has sank in sea bottom, still it is steadily keeping the glory, wisdom and energy of that time.


Civilization has ended and is an existence of past time, however, the wisdom and power that flourished and supported the culture, are not lost.


Those who have visited underwater remains may have been shocked by actually witnessing its overwhelming and indescribable power.


By using technology, you are able to touch, get close to and see the underwater remains.


By visiting the underwater ruins and its area all over the world, you are able to receive the extraordinary energy which supported and blossomed the ancient civilization that has not been lost.


If you have received its power by getting in contact with the energy of underwater ruins, have you noticed an energy change, gaining life momentum, development in spirituality, or any kind of change?


The wisdom and power of ancient civilization is not lost.

Physically it has perished, however not everything is destroyed.

Part of that city, town and temple has sank to seabed and you are able to see it today.


Of course, you can see the traces of ancient civilization not only in the ruins that have sank underwater, but also on ground.


My home, Egypt.

Through the temple and pyramids, you are able to see the tracing of a country that flourished thousands of years ago


Also in other lands, you are able to see traces of a civilization that bloomed on earth in the past time.


In those remains on ground, there are places that still hold the secret, the wisdom, power and energy that supported the ancient civilization, like the underwater ruins.


Unfortunately, for those remains on ground, there are ones that may be there physically but lost its energy and is empty inside.


For those remains, if you pay a visit you may get a slight idea of the past days, but unfortunately will not be able to receive its power.


However in several places, you can receive power.


For those of you who visited ancient remains on ground, as aforementioned, there may be ones that experienced growth in spirituality, gained life momentum, life change, and any kind of change.


If you experienced a change, it is most likely that you got in touch with ancient wisdom and power that somehow survived in the remains.


The reason why I first mentioned about underwater sites, is because the power still remaining in underwater sites are not lost compared to that of on ground.


Of course in some aspects, it is lost.

Although it physically is remaining partially, there are various living creatures underwater, and Earth is a living entity that is constantly evolving,


By the continuing life and change of planet Earth, its energy may have changed and lost in some aspects.


However surprisingly, the wisdom and power that brought prosperity in ancient days remains as it was, more in underwater sites.


If you can see or touch the underwater remains, that of course is the best way.

However, even if you do not go visit, by directing your consciousness and connecting with it, you can receive its power.


In the upcoming time, to develop spirituality and inner wisdom, I want you to connect with the underwater remains and receive the power that dwell.


The wisdom and power that still exist after long long time in underwater remains, is older than the power that is somehow existing in the on ground remains.


It is an older wisdom than the ancient civilization on ground.

There, exists a lot of mystery.

There, exists an extraordinary wisdom of cosmos.


By getting in touch with the power that remain in underwater sites, you may experience a flowering of an aspect that has not yet been seen.

You may experience a flowering in a cosmic and galactic level.


In history, in various time and place, there were people that were close to cosmic and galactic entity, and cosmic wisdom was brought to humanity for many times.

This is as you know.


It is now time to retrieve the bonding and connection between you and cosmos/galaxy.

In other words, without the firm bonding with cosmos and galaxy, and its wisdom and power, you will not evolve nor create a future for new Earth and new society.


It is not a relationship to be built anew, but a state that you originally owned.


Tracing back your history, in ancient civilization, especially the most ancient ones, people had galactic consciousness and cosmic consciousness.


They were constantly communicating with cosmos, God and fairies.

The time which people had developed spirituality, had long continued.


Due to various reasons, during long period of time, spirituality was gradually sealed.

Connection with God, cosmos, galaxy was gradually closed.

By this, the consciousness of humans become something very narrow.


Now, the time has come.

Like it was in ancient civilization, it is time for people to develop spirituality, blossom spirituality, broaden awareness,

Receive wisdom and power from cosmos and galaxy, constantly communicate and exercise the extraordinary power.


For that sake, the amazing mysterious power that still live in underwater remains in seabed of this planet, shall support you.


By great technology, touching the power remaining in the underwater ruins, is possible today.


If you are afraid of sea or is difficult to visit the site, direct your consciousness to the place and meditate on the underwater remains.

Or, access to ancient civilization through underwater remains and meditate on ancient civilization.


Within your DNA, there is all information of human history.

It is possible to access ancient civilization through meditation, which your ancestors lived.


From now on, the time is coming for you to unite with cosmos and galaxy, and live in such high consciousness.


You are not a human being.

Human being is a very small part of you, it is just a part that physically surfaced.


Cosmic and galactic power and wisdom is vital to live upcoming times.

It is the power to be awakened within you.

It is time for your amazing and unique energy to be one with the cosmos and galaxy.


This somewhat means, a restoration of the great ancient civilization that once prospered on this planet.

People are quickly awakening to their spirituality.

People are awakening to cosmic and galactic consciousness.


And people are starting to realize the importance of expressing their uniqueness.

People are starting to realize, that is the only way.


When you awaken to the original state, the cosmic and galactic consciousness, you will be able to exercise a truly extraordinary power, more than you do now.


Nothing is impossible for universe and God.

When it is awakened within you, you will utilize your inborn original features and accomplish even more amazing things in life.


Please look up at stars.

Please think about cosmos and space.

Please think about galaxy.

By doing so, please become aware of your infinite potential.


The great role and work that you will do, is something that is awaited by people, awaited by universe.


If you are able to do that, you will exercise a surprising and amazing power, and will manifest an extraordinary wonderful society on ground, once again.


That is now possible, the timing has finally come.

Until now, there were times that it was impossible.


However, now, cosmos and galaxy is on your side.

Finally, it is time for you to actually express your power, more than before.

For this sake, you need the power of cosmos and galaxy.


Universe and God, both wishes you to fully express your unique and amazing power, and they will happily support you.


Thus, there is no need to be reserved in expressing your amazingness.


You hesitate, underestimate that you are not good enough, and it stops you from doing.

Or, the self-image you have created, stops you from doing.

Let’s overcome this.


When you are able to overcome this, the infinite potential inside you will open itself up, and will be able to receive cosmic power that make it possible to manifest overwhelming prosperity seen in ancient remains.


Please steadily direct your consciousness to the cosmos.